I might need characters for the story, so soon enough, I'll ask you to send in a cat on the talk page of this fanfic. FallingPetal 02:58, March 9, 2010 (UTC)


"Hello? Hello, anyone here?" A reserved whisper echoed off of the walls of the cellar.

A cat, no more than eight moons, cautiously stuck his head into the cellar.

Darkness loomed in the cellar's dark halls, the cat's shadow lost in the black scenery.

The overwhelming urge to retreat back up the stairs surged through the tom's stomach, but his great hunger for adventure and excitement dominated.

"Go on Raye," the mocking call of a she-cat sounded from the top of the stairwell, "Let's see you find that forest kit now!"

Raye growled to himself,

If only he hadn't tripped, then maybe that dirty trespasser wouldn't have made his way across the farm,

Maybe it wouldn't have fled into the darkness of the abandoned cellar,

Maybe Raye wouldn't be scared out of his pelt as he went looking for him now.

"Shut your trap, Morgan!" Raye hissed through clenched teeth and then began to step further into the forboding room.

"Great," Raye mumbled as he was blinded by the black darkness.

As he walked further and further down the damp hall, the walls seemed to squeeze closer and closer together.

"Get out here now, kit!" Raye screeched and scored the ground with his claws.

Panic had began to set in as the only reply to his yowl was a distant whistle of wind.



Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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