Authors Note

This is a page made by Frosty and Starry

Have you ever imagined what life was like for the warrior cats during the world wars?



"Imagine life without the code...."

'The Last Hope' may have seemed like the darkest hour the Clans have ever faced, but bomb shells and gunfire are one of the worse fears, be careful where you tread because it could lead to your DEATH. Hopes will be shattered and heroes will rise as the warriors fight for their very survival.

Allegiances (Frosty please do TC and WC thanks!)


Leader - Icestar- white tom, with long teeth that curve out from under his lip

Deputy - Sheeptail - Large longhaired white-and-black she-cat

Warriors -

Queens -

Kits -

Elders -


Leader -

Deputy - 

Warriors -

Queens - 

Kits -

Elders -


Leader -

Stripestar - golden tabby tom

Deputy -

Heronburr - handsome red tom with white paws

Medicine cat -

Poppytangle - graceful spotted she-cat

Warriors -

Yewfang - pale yellow she-cat with long fur

Redwhisker - striking ginger tom with a handsome, broad face

Nightleaf - black tom with glowing green eyes

Shadowtail - dark gray tom with a white tail

Alderwhisker - pale ginger tom with huge whiskers

Maplefur - pretty tabby she-cat

Quietleaf - gentle white she-cat with tabby patches

Featherbreeze - light, smoky bray she-cat

Apprentices - 

Sweetpaw - small ginger she-cat

Orangepaw - ginger tabby tom

Queens - 

Sandbranch - pale ginger she-cat (expecting kits) - mates with Alderwhisker

Honeyfern - dark tabby queen with a broad face - mates with Shadowtail

Kits -

Asterkit - light tabby she-kit with a white muzzle

Smokekit - dark gray tom with wide eyes

Leafkit - small white tom with flecks of gray

Elders -

Heronleaf - a gray tom who was once a hero

Dovevine - a frail, pale ginger queen


Leader -

Hollystar - tortoishell she-cat with sea blue eyes 

Deputy -

Wavesplash -  brown tom with white feet and long claws

Medicine Cat -

Amberleaf - stunning golden she-cat with mesmerising amber eyes

Warriors -

Ashpelt - solid dark gray warrior

​Ferndapple - spotted Brown and white she-cat

​Ripplefur - white tom with black stripes

Redwhisker - russet coloured she-cat

Fawnstripe - creamed coated she-cat

Bluewater - soft black tom

Duskpelt - Doe-eyed, Brown she-cat with black flecks

Orangethorn - striking ginger tom with amber eyes

Apprentices -

Rainpaw - grey tom with muddy coloured paws

Honeypaw - light ginger tabby she-cat

Seapaw - cream tom with disturbingly blue eyes

Queens -

Roseflower - gentle red queen - mates with Orangethorn - eexpecting kits

Yarrowleaf - bitter yellow queen - mates with Ripplefur - 2 kits

Dewpetal - fluffy white queen with ginger stripes - mates with Wavesplash - 3 kits 

Kits -

Yarrowleaf -

Darkkit and Grasskit

​Dewpetal -

Willowkit, Asterkit and Hazelkit

Elders -

Yellowfern - stubborn frail she-cat

Larkfall - humorous brown tom

Crowsong - old, black tom with green eyes

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