Buzzy3013 20:04, April 8, 2010 (UTC)

"Wolfheart!"called a voice "Yes!"came the reply."Choose your escort." "You." "Me?" "Yes,you our medicine cat is training and Dawnshadow`s ded,so all thats left is one of my warriors!and there is one right in front of me." "hey,I`m sorry about your dad." "thanks,but whats done is done,unles Starclan,thinks he diserves another life he will be reborn and start life all over agian,let`s go." "yes!" "The one thing I like about us is that leaders and apprentices never have to walk as far to see Starclan." Wolfhear remained queit.Soon they came to mother mouth."Wait for me Mudpath." "Yes." as soon as Wolfheart,now Wolfstar walked out of the dark erie cave Mudpath started asking questons."Who are your nine lives?" "Onestar,Bluestar,Ravenflight,Lillymoon,Swiftstar,Lionheart,Hawkfrost,Racoonmask and Mudpaw."

How good of a leader will Wolfstar be?What will happen as she grows older and more experenced?When will her kits be born?find out on the exitig concluson Wolfstar`s Leadership!

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