"Ravenflight!"an excited voice called.

"WHAT!" came the reply.

"Your mate's kit was born! Would you like me to escort you to ThunderClan?"

"Yes thank you, Mudpath." And so they traveled together to ThunderClan.

"You wait here Mudpath."


As the dark tom padded to the slender white queen a tiny mew came from the kit's den."Daddy!"

"I was only strong enough for one kit."

"What is her name?"

"I was waiting for you to decide."

"How do you like Wolfkit?"

"I love it Ravenflight."

"Good bye Lillymoon."

"Good bye my love."

As the white she-kit grew her mother, Lillymoon, became sick, and soon afterwards died of unknown causes. Next came the warrior naming ceremony.

"By naming new warriors we show that ThunderClan will remain now from this day forth, Wolfpaw, you will be known as Wolfheart."

The white she-cat with blue eyes stood proudly, now a warrior. After her vigil she ran away to WindClan.

"My next action as leader is to make a new deputy. I now make Wolfheart my deputy."

"Thank you father."



"Can I have borage?"

"Are you nursing kits?"

"I will be."

"Who is the father?"

"Promise not to tell ANYONE?"

"I swear!"

"The father is.........well, there's two fathers, Hawkfrost and Lionheart."

Soon after the kits were strong enough to walk, Blackstar began breaking the warrior code! He was neglecting Wolfheart's kits! Then, before he knew it, Dawnshadow leaped on him. Then, Blackstar chased Dawnshadow off the gorge. Wolfheart's kits were saved! But,as the sad face of Wolfheart looked down at the gorge she thought, no cat could have survived that! She recovered his body and told who was now Ravenstar, no longer Ravenflight. "I will go to the burial too."

Her kits grew to be fine warriors, Flamefur, Snowstorm, Lionheart, in memory of his father, Bearclaw and Spottedeyes. As for Dawnshadow, he was resurrected by StarClan and was known as Sunfall in his next life, and became a medicine cat once more. Wolfheart soon after became Wolfstar, to find out what happens when she becomes leader of WindClan look for the conclusion, Wolfstar's Story.

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