- Breezeflight is based off of Jayfeather, a cat who stutters a lot, and a cat who is mentally unstable.

- I try to avoid the WarriorXWarriorFromOtherClan. (And I try to make FlameheartXBreezeflight something different.)

- Lightningstripe is sort of like Hawkfrost 'cause he betrays RiverClan and goes to the dark side.

- Every cat has a weakness and a strength. Breezeflight has a sharp tongue and all but his mental health is weak.

- No super powers in Wind Series other than that "controlling the wind" thing.

- The four becomes three. Lightningstripe was meant to be one of the four but when he goes to the dark side, he isn't part of it.

- Spottedkit was supposed to live. Whisperkit was supposed to die. But something happened. And I can't really describe it in great detail. And Spottedkit's destiny was to be the fourth cat in the prophecy, a replacement of Lightningstripe. (But she has Spottedleaf's soul there in StarClan)

- Starlingwing, Mousefire, and Robinfur is going to StarClan; Lightningstripe, Quailfur, and Talonstripe is going to go to the Dark Forest. (I guess the StarClan cats are going to force Talonstripe to move over the border of StarClan and the Dark Forest?)

- Ivypaw's fate is decided in Episode Ten : Part Two

- Breezeflight's kits names are going to be Flamekit (dedicated to Flameheart), Shadekit (dedicated to Ivypaw {you will find out why}), Stormkit, and Hawkkit. Only Stormkit and Shadekit survive.

- There will be a movie of Ivypaw. (Yes... movies are coming soon)

- A bunch of stuff are revealed in the Last Storm. (That is why I made it into two episodes.)

- Flameheart is going to dieee~

- Mousefire likes Snowpaw/pelt but when he dies, she "pretends" to like Breezeflight just because she wants him to prove his loyalty to his clan after his exile.

- Breezeflight is going to die sometime in Season 2.

- Season 2 is in Stormkit's perspective.

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