"When someone is gone, it hurts us all. You are needed, yet you are taken away. It drives us to the limit, desperate to be free of this curse..."

Prologue: Far From Normal

I was normal.

My mother, Shadecloud, was a normal warrior.

My father, Badgertooth, was a normal warrior as well.

My littermate, Thistlepaw, was a normal apprentice.

My Clan, BlizzardClan, was normal.

My life was normal.

Today was a normal day, or so I had thought.

I got up,

I groomed my pelt,

I walked out of camp,

I trained with my mentor, Willowshade.

But no,

Today was not normal.

Today was far from normal.


Today was the day...

I had died.

Chapter One: Introductions

Wake up...

Little one, wake up...

I slowly opened my eyes to find myself staring up at a tom.

He was pale brown, a tabby with icy blue eyes.

"Get up, little one," he cooed and nudged my cheek lightly with his nose.

Though I was suspicious, I was aching and horribly sore, so I shakily got up to face him.

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