The following story is rated Extreme.

Moonstar, leader of MoonClan for many many moons has just been killed by Bloodpaw, the son of respected warrior Nightfangs. After sticking up for Bloodpaw, Redpaw, the daughter of deputy Amethyst, was brutally swiped across the face and Bloodpaw killed Moonstar in defense of his newly discovered love for Redpaw. Redpaw, hurt by Bloodpaw's love for her friend Dawnpaw as well, runs into the forest, only to run into Fogpelt, one of Moonstar's closest friends.

The Death of Fogpelt

Redpaw's Point of View

Redpaw's eyes looked around, searching for Bloodpaw. She then saw him sitting with Dawnpaw.

Dawnpaw looked at Bloodpaw. "It doesn't make me feel very good when you like someone else and act on it" she told him. I'm that someone else.

Bloodpaw frowned, " I'm new to this, it's confusing " he admitted.

"So am I" Dawnpaw retorted, her angry tone was replaced with an annoyed understanding voice. Redpaw's heart lurched.

Bloodpaw sighed, " I'm sorry but if Smallnose is better, take him, " he whispered. Redpaw longed to comfort him, hearing the pain in his voice.

"I didn't say that!" she pleaded "I guess now I'm just as confused as you are," she purred warmly. Redpaw winced at the affection in her voice.

Bloodpaw licked her, " Thank you, " he whispered. Redpaw's heart was utterly crushed. She silently padded out of camp, and broke into a run. She sped into a hollow where Fogpelt sat.

Fogpelt's Point of View

Fogpelt couldn't believe her friend was dead. Moonstar, killed by Bloodlust. She knew he couldn't be trusted. Nothing in her life was working out. She was still in love with Blackfire, but he was mates with Shadowheart. Oakfur, her sister, had mated with Red, a rogue. She looked up when Redpaw ran into the clearing. She knew that Redpaw was in love with Bloodpaw. It was her responsibility to put a stop to that. But it was Redpaw's fault that Moonstar had died. All her fault.

"Redpaw? Why are you so worked up? It was Bloodpaw, wasn't it? I don't blame him, really. I mean, you caused the death of a noble leader," she growled. Anger surged through her, pure hatred of anyone who had taken everything away from her. Shadowheart, Blackfire, Red, Bloodlust, Redpaw. "What?!" Redpaw screeched. Fogpelt's fury erupted.

"You will be just like him," she hissed,"You will kill innocent cats, ruin lives. No wonder he doesn't like-"

Redpaw broke her off by leaping at her, slashing at the unprepared she-cat with all her might. Fogpelt spat in fury, but was too weak to take on Redpaw's pure strength. She felt Redpaw slashing at her ears, at her shoulders, and sighed as Redpaw's paws met her throat. Blood oozed out slowly, and Fogpelt stared at the sky.

Goodbye, Blackfire, I love you. Goodbye Oakfur, take care of your kits.

Soon, everything will be changed.

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