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Chapter 1

I looked around. I was in a cave. Red water splashed against my black and white fur from different directions. Where was I?

One second, a massive wave from the lake was washing over me, and the next, I was here. I walked around. The cave looked like it stretched on for a good distance, but I found another cave and traveled down it.

The cave took me into a more open area. The path leading through the area twisted down, staying along the walls of the cavern.

"Ah, a cat." Spoke a deep voice behind me.

Chapter 2

"Where am I, and who are you?" I asked.

"I am Scarletstar. Former leader of DeathClan." Before I could say anything, the cat continued. "My Clan lived many years ago, but we were killed by a tsunami. Ever since then, my Clan has been watching from a place in between StarClan and the Place of No Stars. When summoned, we will do things unimaginable."

"Like turn an entire lake red...." I said.

"Yes, my Clan uses curses like that. The Bloody Water one, the one that's been used on your Clan, is very deadly. You haven't even seen the beginning of what it can do. I am in charge of that curse. That's why I'm here, in the Blood Dimension."

"How do I get out of here and stop this thing?" I asked.

"In order to stop the Bloody Water curse, you must track down whoever summoned my Clan to torture your's. But right now, you should focus on the things that the curse will do to your Clan."

"Thanks...but how do I leave?"

"Oh," Scarletstar said, "that's easy."

And with that, I felt a wave sweep over me.

Chapter 3

The wave threw me back up on shore. Cats from my Clan immediately swarmed over me.

"You okay?!" One of them asked.

I thought for a moment before answering. "No."

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