These short stories are about... ummm... I can't really describe it. Find out for yourself!--EchomistWindClan Rox! 16:46, 8 August 2009 (UTC)

Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, and Ashfur

One day Ashfur was walking in the Dark Forest, thinking about how mad he was at Squirrelflight, when suddenly he saw Brokentail. Ashfur approached Brokentail to ask him what to do about his troubled thoughts. But when Ashfur was a fox-length away from him, Brokentail flew away, snoring because he was still sleeping. Ashfur threw grapefruits up at him.

But then Ashfur saw Tigerstar. So he went up to Tigerstar and said, "Hi, Tigerstar! I hate you 'cuz you killed my mommy, so I'm gonna kill you after I ask you this, even though you're already dead. What should I do to make Squirrelflight love me even though I'm dead and I hate her?"

Tigerstar looked thoughtful for a moment, then meowed, "Eat Darkstripe. It helped me when I was feeling sad."

"Thanks, Tigerstar!" Ashfur replied. Then Ashfur killed Tigerstar but did not succeed because Tigerstar was already dead.

So, Ashfur found Darkstripe and ate him. Darkstripe tasted horrible, which did nothing to improve Ashfur's temper. Fine, Ashfur thought, if nobody will help me, I'll figure something out myself!

Ten million hours later, (that's how long it takes Ashfur to come up with an idea LOL), Ashfur had a plan. He swooped down from the Dark Forest into the normal world.

At that time, Squirrelflight was fighting with Brambleclaw. "I don't want you to try to protect me all the time!" she was hissing. "Just stay out of my fur for a few moments, will you?" Then Squirrelflight started to disco.

Perfect timing, thought Ashfur. Discoing across the clearing, he caught up with Squirrelflight. For a few moments they were both discoing, then Ashfur spoke. "Hi, Squirrelflight," Ashfur meowed in a silky tone. "Now that you hate Brambleclaw, I want to ask you something." Ashfur knelt to Squirrelflight and pulled out a ring (I don't know where he got it from). "Squirrelflight, will you--"

Suddenly, Squirrelflight turned on him, screeching "I hate you! You tried to kill my daddy!" Ashfur ran away before she could hurt him.

While Ashfur was fleeing from the enraged Squirrelflight, he bumped into Brambleclaw. "Squirrelflight hates me," they both said simultaneously. Then Ashfur had a sudden thought. Taking out the ring again, he knelt to Brambleclaw. "Brambleclaw, will you marry me?" Ashfur asked.

Brambleclaw purred. "Of course," he meowed, nuzzling Ashfur's flank. Then Ashfur got magically reincarnated by Feathertail because he was so happy.


WaterfallClan, Harry Potter, and... Snow White?

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