Chapter 1

Wind, Fire, and Sky will clash together, and the clan will be saved.

Swiftpelt tossed in her sleep. She had been revealed to a new prophecy. It was obvious she was wind, but who was Fire and sky? She thought of her new neices, Flamekit and Bluekit, born last sunrise. Flamekit must be Fire, but what about Bluekit? Did it have to do with what must be her warrior name? All in due time, I will know the answers, Swiftpelt thought as she curled up, and again tried to snatch some sleep.

Chapter 2

Flamespirit, Bluemoon! Flamespirit, Bluemoon! The clan chanted the names over and over. Swiftpelt swelled with pride, as her neices warrior names were chanted along with the breeze. The two new warriors pressed against each other. Gorsefoot, Swiftpelt's brother and the warriors' father, only sighed and murmured only just loud enough for Swiftpelt to hear, 'Lionkit should have been here too..' It was true. Lionkit had died of Greencough right before his apprentice ceremony.-Continuation of this chapter will resume 1/27-

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