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Bluestar: Hello everybody!
Shoppers: Hello!
Blackstar: *Throws tomato on Bluestar's face*
Bluestar: *Dodges tomato*
Bluestar: Security!
Security: *drag Blackstar away*
Bluestar: The best sellers of this year are Coping with Kit Death by Ferncloud, Interpreting Prophecies by Spottedleaf and Rule the Forest by Scourge. The receptionist will be Sweetbriar, Pinestar's mother.
Daisy : One copy of Coping with Ki Loss please.
Sweetbriar: There's no such book.
Daisy: Oh, sorry! It's Coping with Kit Death. It's by Ferncloud.
Sweetbriar: Then you should have said so, you loner.
Daisy: *kills Sweetbriar*
Sweetbriar: *puts Daisy in the Dark Forest*
Bluestar: Our new receptioninst will be Sunstar.
Sunstar: Hello evrybody!
Ferncloud: Sunstar, everybody has an 'e' in it.
Sunstar: How can you tell? And by the way... what are you talking about?
Ferncloud: Never mind.
Ferncloud: *signs Daisy's copy of her book*
Sweetbriar: But Daisy's in the Dark Forest!
Daisy: *appears* No I'm not!
Firestar: Can I have a book about knowing the number of lives I have left?
Sunstar: Yes, it's over there.
Firestar: *picks up Betraying Everybody by Tigerstar.*
Sunstar: *snicker*
Firestar: *picks up Tigerstar as well*
Firestar to Tigerstar: Sign my book!
Tigerstar: *kills Firestar*
Bluestar: But how will Fire save the Clan?
Tigerstar: *kills Bluestar*
Tigerstar: Mwa ha ha ha ha!
Lionblaze: Where's the receptionist? Where's the announcer?
Sunstar: *dies*
Millie: I am the receptionist.
Squirrelflight: I am the announcer.
Lionblaze: I need a book on killing dead spirits.
Millie: Why?
Lionblaze: I have to kill Hawkfrost
Millie: Why?
Lionblaze: Why do you want to know?
Millie: Why shouldn't I?
Lionblaze: Enough 'why's'. Give me the book.
Millie: Why?
Lionblaze: *Runs away*
Squirrelflight: *stares at Millie*
Squirrelflight: You just scared away one of my kits! *angry*
Millie: So what if I did?
Millie: Wait a second...
Squirrelflight: For what?
Millie: He's not yours. He's Leafpool's kit.
Shoppers: *stunned*
Squirrelflight: (nervously) No he's mine.
Squirrelflight: (explodes) @#%@&)&*(^%$%*(&()*)*(*(&*^&%^%)&^&%&^%^$&$&^*(^%^%^$%$%$^$%$^$^%$^%$%^$%^$!
Squirrelflight: *gasps for breath*
Millie: Hey, the kits are listening!
Queens: (Maul)
One of the kits: @#%@&)&*(^%$%*(&()*)*(*(&*^&%^%)&^&%&^%^$&$&^*(^%^%^$%$%$^$%$^$^%$^%$%^$%^$!
Queens: *kill Squirrelflight*

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