|Leader = Bramblestar- Dark brown tabby tom cat with amber eyes 9 lives; mate Squirrelflight

|Deputy = Squirrelflight- dark ginger she-cat green eyes white paw; mate Bramblestar

|Medcat = Jayfeather- Blind gray tabby tom cat blue eyes; forbidden mate Half Moon

|Warriors = Hazeltail-light sandy grey she-cat blue eyes

Foxleap- redish tabby tom with green eyes
Apprentice Winterpaw

Dustpelt- dark tabby tom cat; mate Ferncloud

Rosepetal- Dark creamy she-cat blue eyes

Toadleap- black and white tom cat

Sandstorm- Pale Ginger she-cat green eyes mate Firestar

Cloudtail- Long haired white tom cat blue eyes; mate Brightheart

Brackenfur- Golden brown tom cat; mate Sorreltail

Sorreltail- tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes; mate Brackenfur

Thornclaw- Golden brown tom cat

Brightheart- Ginger and white she-cat; mate to Cloudtail

Ashfur-pale gray (with darker flecks) tom, dark blue eyes
Apprentice Tawnypaw

Spiderleg- long-limbed black tom with brown underbelly and amber eyes; mate to Poppyfrost
Apprentice Goldenpaw

Whitewing-All white she-cat green eyes; mate Birchfall

Icecloud-All white she-cat blue eyes
Apprentice Rainpaw

Birchfall-Tabby tom cat amber eyes; mate Whitewing

Graystripe- dark gray tom cat green eyes

Berrynose- creamy colored tom cat; mate Honeyfern

Mousewhisker- gray and white tom cat; mate to Mossmask

Lionblaze- Golden Tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice Sunpaw

- mate Cinderheart

Hollyleaf- Black she-cat with green eyes

Cinderheart- gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes; mate to Lionblaze

Poppyfrost- Tortoiseshell she-cat amber eyes mate Spiderleg

Ferncloud- Pale gray (with Darker flecks) she-cat green eyes mate to Dustpelt

|Apprentices = Winterpaw- White she-cat with ginger patches amber eyes;

Hazepaw- Gold colored tom cat green eyes; mother Whitewing

Tawnypaw- Tortoiseshll she-cat; mother Poppyfrost

Goldenpaw- Bright yellow she-cat amber eyes; mother Whitewing

Rainpaw- Light gray tom blue eyes; mother Cinderheart

Sunpaw- Dark orange tom cat green eyes mother Cinderheart

|Queens = Mossmask- Creamy orange she-cat with amber eyes; mate to Mousewhisker,
Kits: Snowkit (Gray and white She-cat) Hawkkit (Tabby Tom) Eaglekit (Gray She-cat) Riverkit(Tan She-cat)

Honeyfern- light tan she-cat blue eyes mate to Berrynose,
Flamekit (Orange Tom) Firekit (Ginger She-cat) Blazekit (Tan She-cat)







Bluestar silver blue she-cat Thunderclan's old leader

Firestar ginger tom cat green eyes Thunderclan's old leader

Tallstar black and white tom Windclan's old leader

Crookedstar golden brown tom Riverclan's old leader

Raggedstar long-haired brown tom cat Shadowclan's old leader

River silvery tom cat Riverclan's frist leader

Thunder golden tom Thunderclan's first leader

Wind wirey brown she-cat Windclan's first leader

Shadow all black she-cat Shaowclan's first leader


Whitestorm big white tom old Thunderclan deputy

Stonefur gray tom with silver paws old Riverclan deputy

Seednose ginger and white tom old Windclan deputy

Flighthawk all black tom old Shadowclan deputy

Medicine cats:

Yellowfang dark gray she-cat Thunderclan's old medicine cat

Spottedleaf calico she-cat Thunderclan's old Medicine cat


Feathertail silver she-cat with black stripes of Riverclan warrior

Willowpelt dull gray she-cat old Thunderclan warrior

Sootfur dark gray tom cat with blue eyes old warrior of Thunderclan

Rainwhisker light gray tom with amber eyes old warrior of Thunderclan

Snowpelt pure white she-cat old warrior of Riverclan

Mousenose dusty brown tom old warrior of Windclan

Shadowclaw dark black she-cat old warrior of Shadowclan

Place of No Stars

Chapter 1

A white cat pushed its way past the ferns and out into the open. She blinked her lovely blue eyes as she looked around the lush clearing. It was newleaf, and the prey was out and running like crazy. She turned her head back to the cats following her to the clearing. Right now they were in the training clearing, for her apprentice. Her apprentice Rainpaw had kept up with her, and she looked down at the gray tomcat. He really did look just like his mother and father that was for sure. Soon a golden tomcat with green eyes padded out to join them. His apprentice Sunpaw was Rainpaw’s brother though he was bright orange. “Lionblaze!” she greeted the golden orange warrior. She flicked her tail for her apprentice to sit down on the ground. This was her first time as an mentor, and she was nervous about it. She flicked her tail, "Now Rainpaw." she begain. Though Rainpaw was busy watching a butterfly floating past his nose to be listening. Icestorm lashed her tail watching her apprentice. Flicking out a paw to knock the gray tom over. "You need to focus." she mewed to her apprentice. "Now follow what I do." she added. With a flick of her tail she darted past the apprentice reaching out with her paws. As she passed she triped the apprentice causing him to fall over on his side.
Rainpaw got to his paws shaking his head as he looked up. He clamped his teeth together and with a flick of his tail raced at his mentor. His blue eyes bright with his anger at himself. He could do better then that, and he knew it. He wanted to get the better of his mentor. He smiled at himself when he hit his mentor, but that soon faded. Somehow he got fliped into the air, and landed on the ground with a thud. He shoke his head as he lay winded for a heartbeat before getting up. He looked over at his mentor wondering what she had done that was so fast to knock him off his paws. He took a glance over at his brother Sunpaw to see him kind of shocked as well. He shruged mabey it was just him, or Icestorm was very fast. Either way this was going to be a tricky fight for him. He was forced to move back though as Lionblaze pushed him back.
Lionblaze flicked his tail at Icestorm. "Maybe its better if we show them how to do it first." he mewed. He flicked his ears for Sunpaw and Rainpaw to sit down as Icestorm nodded to him. Though Lionblaze was kind of annoyed with both of the apprentices. He narrowed his lime green eyes on the white she-cat, and lunged. Dust below up into the air as he left the ground in a matter of seconds. In one motion he was standing right next to Icestorm, and he slamed himself into her. With the force of the blow he knocked her over on the ground, glancing down at him. He stepped back to let her get back to her paws, and shake the dirt of off her pelt. He turned back to the apprentices, motioning with his tail for them to do the same thing. He rolled his eyes as the two brothers tried it, not failed it right away. "We should make our way back to the camp." he mewed. He turned around with Icestorm right next to him. The two apprentices dashed after them.
Sunpaw took a quick look over at his brother flicking his dark orange tail. What had all that been about, he sighed as his brother ran past him. Sunpaw quickly took up the pace of the other cats, and was soon racing besides them on the way back to camp. Sunpaw shoke his head as he and his mentor padded back into the camp. Icestorm had Rainpaw go see to the elders. The tom padded to the middle of the camp, where he meet Winterpaw. He flicked her tail in greeting to the ginger and white she-cat. He picked up a vole, and took it to the edge of camp. Though Sunpaw liked to talk with other cats, he didn't like to eat with other cats. When he was done with his meal he padded into the apprentices den. He laid down curling his tail over his nose before closing his eyes for a long rest.
Rainpaw let out a long sigh mixed in with a hiss as he finished with the elders. Ever time they seemed to need more and more from him. He stalked past the medicine cats den, on the way to the apprentices den. He gave a sigh as he entered the den without being noticed by anyother cat. He curled up in his nest right next to his brother Sunpaw. His gray tail drapping over his nose just like his brother's.
Icestorm flicked her tail as she saw her apprentice go into his den. She turned away making her way over to the warriors den. She nodded to Lionblaze as he headed out on a hunting portal. Her blue eyes flashing as the sun caught them, before she vanished into the warriors den.

Chapter 2

A light tabby she-cat bounded into the forest her blue eyes glowing. It was the middle of the night, and she was eager. She was a new apprentice her mentor Russetfur hadn't told her to go out yet. Though Dawnpaw was to happy to really listen she just wanted out. Her paws skimmed over the grass, as she seemed to fly. She stopped hearing pawsteps behind her, and she turned around to see blue eyes. "Darkpaw." she mewed, then sniffed the air. It was her brother, "Tigerpaw." she added as the dark tabby stood next to the black tom. She flicked her tail hoping that the warriors hadn't seen her leave the camp at all. She looked around just checking to make sure. She flicked her tail, as she kept padding on. They might as well come with her, since she was going to the Riverclan border. Just to check it out and see if any cats had crossed it. Her brother padded next to her, while Darkpaw hung back a little bit. They had been over this on how to sneak out of camp, and with a jumped she raced for the border. She stopped scenting the air, and could pick of the scent of Riverclan. Though she was really shocked when it was on the Shadowclan side of the border. What was up? Why were they over here?
Tigerpaw growled, "We should go." He flicked his tabby tail as he turned around waiting for the other two. But when he started to walk on a black tomcat knocked him over. He let out a yowl to the others. He jumped back up to his paws facing the apprentice. Thats what he say it was a young tom, only apprentice age. He lashed out with his claws, scoring the tom's pelt. He was fouced on the apprentice that he didn't notice the other cats. A huge black tom knocked him to the ground, and he looked around to see 5 other cats besidse the apprentice. They were out numbered that this didn't look to good. He fought with the warrior as he was held down. After a fewheart beats he knew who the warriors were. Blackclaw and Grasspaw were fighting with him, Voletooth, and Mintfur were fighting with Dawnpaw, and Dawnflower and Minnowheart were taking on Darkpaw. It was an uneven fight two to one. His ears shot up when he heard a scream coming from Dawnpaw. He snarled lashing out with his claws trying to shake both cats off him. His eyes burning with anger when both cats didn't let go. He was smashed into the ground under both the warrior and the apprentice. Darkpaw was in the same spot as him, and Dawnpaw was even worse.
Black paws pounded the ground as cats ran to the scene of the fighting. The tom was large, his amber eyes narrowed as they reached the clearing. Six Riverclan cats were fighting with three Shadowclan apprentices. He was large, soon Blackstar jumped in the middle of the fighting. With a swipe of his paw to knocked Dawnflowr off of Darkpaw. Russetfur was fighting Mintwhisker, while Smokefoot took on Grasspaw, and Rowanclaw was fighting Voletooth. Now there were Seven Shadowclan warriors to Six Riverclan warriors. Darkpaw along with Dawnpaw fought with Blackclaw, while Tigerpaw and Flamepaw took on Minnowheart. Its only a matter of time before the Riverclan warriors left that area. Blackstar let out a yowl as Blackclaw flicked his telling his warriors to leave.
Flamepaw gave a nervous smile, "Guss we showed them." he mewed. He was glad that his mentor wasn't here. He looked to his side looking for his sister "Dawnpaw." he mewed. He didn't getting any responce so he looked around. His eyes grew wide as he kept looking around and didn't see his sister anywhere. "Riverclan stole Dawnpaw!" he yowled. At the time he yowled the other Shadowclan cats turned to look at him.
"I hope your joking." growled Rowanclaw as he stared at his son. If any Riverclan warriors took his daughter, he would rip them apart, make them pay. "If you guys hadn't come out here, she would still be in the camp." he hissed. He was more mad at himself then he was at his kits. He just wanted to make sure that they were ok,
"Come on." mewed Blackstar. He flicked his white tail for the other cats to come with him. "We can't do anything now, we have to have a meeting and get the clan ready for battle." With a leap he was racing back to the Shadowclan camp Riverclan was going to pay for this. As soon as Blackstar reached his camp he jumped up onto the tree calling a meeting. He watched as Tawnypelt, Smokefoot, Tigerpaw, Flamepaw, Darkpaw, Russetfur, Littlecloud, Rowanclaw, Toadfoot, and the rest of the clan gathered. "Listen up, Riverclan has taken Dawnpaw." he mewed.
"What do you mean took?" mewed Toadfoot. He was glaring up at his leader. How could Shadowclan allow another clan to steal one of there own, it made them look weak. He lashed his tabby tail as he waited for what his leader would say.
"I mean they stole her, like cowards during a battle." snarled Blackstar. He flicked his tail for the warrior to shut his mouth. He didn't need some young warrior telling him what to do, and how to led his clan. "Will attack there camp in the next few days." he added.
"They next few days! We need to go and get her back now." called Tawnypelt from where she was standing.
Blackstar waved his tail for her to be quite, "We need to make sure were ready for battle. Will train up a little more, then make then sorry for taking her." he mewed. He flicked his ears as Tawnypelt sat down turning her face to her mate Rowanclaw.

Chapter 3

The light tabby she-cat let out a snarl as she was led into the Riverclan camp. "Why have you taken me?" she spat. She flicked her tail as the cats didn't answer her, or even look at her. Her blue eyes drifted around camping, seeing Minnowheart in front of her. She curled her lip as she glared at the light silver tom with white paws. Voletooth was on the other side of her, eyes gaze not even towards her. She watched as Grasspaw went over to find his siblings and tell them about this. Soon Mallowstripe was also out of his den, along with Reedwhisker. She watched Reedwhisker go into Leopardstar's den and soon say the golden she-cat come out.
"So you caught a Shadowclan cat." mewed Leopardstar. Her amber gaze glared down at Dawnpaw. She lifted her head to the rest of the clan, "Now we will show Shadowclan that we won't always have there back!" Her eyes were back on Dawnpaw again, "You will not be allowed to leave this camp, untill your clan fights for you." she spat.
Dawnpaw snarled as she looked more around the camp. Her eyes got wide as she saw that Windclan cats were here as well. She saw that Minnowheart had gotten closer to her, "Back off fox dung!" she spat. She watched as the young tom cat flinched away from her. "What's wrong with you?!" she spat at the tom again.
Minnowheart turned around to look at her, "Nothing." he mewed. He didn't know why he was being worried about her. He shoke his silver pelt as he padded away from her. It was none of his business, and he told himself that he shouldn't care. He winced as Blackclaw padded over to him. Though he was glad that the black warrior padded past him. He looked over at his old mentor Reedwhisker to see what he was doing. He flicked his tail watching his mentor take Dawnpaw to the elders den.
A black and white she-cat padded over to Minnowheart, "Hello." purred Pebblenose. Her blue eyes were soft as she gazed at the tom cat. She was about to speak more when she heard other cats coming. She hissed as she saw Shadowclan warrios running into the camp. She ran over to Whitewater, "I thought you said they wouldn't attack for a few days!" she growled at the Shadowclan warrior. She didn't want for the she-cat to say anything back to her, before she leapt into battle. She soon found herself facing the warrior called Smokefoot. She charged him knocking him over, She was about to give him a blow to the shoulder, but Rowanclaw knocked her off the tom. She was soon under the ginger toms paws, and fought to get away.
Reedwhisker smirked, as he lifted his tail for the Windclan warriors to join in the battle. He jumped at Blackstar alone side Onestar. This was going to be a snap, kill the Shadowclan leader and weaken Shadowclan to its breaking point. He jumped aside as Onestar went to body slam the Shadowclan leader. Though there was a mistake, Blackstar had seen Onestar coming. Soon his white jaws were set around the Windclan leader's neck. With a snap he broke the neck allowing Onestar to fall to the ground dead. The Windclan leader would never rise again. Reedwhisker snarled as he jumped away aiming to find other cats to attack. He was soon face to face with Darkpaw, and easily kicked the tom out of his way. Already Shadowclan was being driven out, and there weren't many cats left. He smirked as he heard Blackstar call out for his clan to leave. Shadowclan had lost the fight, and Riverclan would keep Dawnpaw. He would see Minnowheart alone with Mellowstripe.
Mellowstripe flicked his tail, "Is Onestar dead?" His light orange tail flicked, he never really liked the Windclan leader.
"He is. Now Crowfeather leads Windclan. Lets just hope that he keeps they promise made." mewed Reedwhisker. He looked around to see Leopardstar walking with somewhat of a limp. The Windclan cats were already gathered around their fallen leader Onestar. Though none of the Windclan cats looked like they really cared, in fact Crowfeather had his back turned on his dead leader.


This is the news update. Onestar the old leader of Windclan has died in battle from Blackstar. His spirit now walks in the place of no stars. Crowfeather went to the moonpool to get his nine lives, and his new deputy is Heatherfrost. Shadowclan also failed in there efforts to get Dawnpaw back for Riverclan and now a war is going tom come. Although Windclan is still allied with Riverclan so the only way Shadowclan can win is if they team up with Thunderclan.

Chapter 4

The dark tabby that was Bramblestar led his clan down to the gathering spot. His deputy Hazeltail was with him, along with her siblings Mousewhisker and Berrynose. The new warriors Foxfur, and his sister Icestorm had come along with there apprentices Winterpaw and Coldpaw. He had left his mate Squirrelflight at camp though, along with Hazeltail's apprentice. Dustpelt and Sandstorm, along with Cloudtail and Brightheart were also back at the camp. He brought Honeyfern, Cinderheart, Thornclaw, and last Lionblaze to this gathering. He had also brought Jayfeather along with him. So with all the cats he counted 13 cats that were with him, enough warriors in case trouble started tonight.
A black and gray tom padded his way into the gathering place. Crowfeather had just become Crowstar leader of WIndclan. His new deputy Heatherfrost was here with him, along with his medicine cat. He had brought Tornear, Whitetail, Breezewing, Leopardpaw, Cougarpaw, Owlwhisker, Nightcloud, Leaftail, Emberfoot, and Antpelt. He sighed he was not going to like tonight at all. He didn't want to hurt anyone just led his clan the best he could. But that deal Onestar made was trapping him like a mouse in a cat's claws.
The golden she-cat named Leopardstar made her way into the gathering area. Her cats were Reedwhisker, Blackclaw, Minnowheart, Mallowstripe, Sneezestorm, Pebblenose, Beechfur, Pouncetail, Rippletail, Mosspelt, Dawnflower, Dapplenose, Otterheart, and Grasspaw. She flexed her claws her clan was ready for battle. She wasn't here for peace she was here for war. Thunderclan and Shadowclan were in for a nasty shock this gathering. She also curled her lip, her Medicine cat Willowshine was going to have kits any day now. She wound't tell Leopardstar who the father was, and Leopardstar was going to have her give up her kits after they were born. She turned her head to see Blackstar coming into the gathering island.
The white tom looked around he had brought, Russetfur, Littlecloud, Tigerpaw, Flamepaw, Darkpaw, Rowanclaw, Smokefoot, Oakfur, Crowfrost, Kintfur, Whitewater, Snaketail, Scorchshadow, Rednose, Toadfoot, Ivytail, and Tawnypelt with him. So that if the other clans pulled anything his clan would be ready. He smirk Thunderclan had brought a small amout of warriors, and so did Windclan. But Riverclan had brought almost an army, he gussed that Leopardstar was going to cause trouble. He soon jumped up onto the branch next to the other leaders. He let out a yowl bringing the gathering and having it start. He turned to Leopardstar was a harsh glare in his gaze, "Riverclan and Windclan are at war with Shadowclan!" he growled. He looked down at the cats that were gathered below him. Only the Thunderclan cats looked shocked about this. Blackstar looked down at his deputy, waving his tail for her to stand up. Before she could though a Riverclan warrior, Otterheart jumped and knocked her down. As quickly as the Riverclan warrior attacked Russetfur fighting broke out. Leopardstar had already jumped down into the fighting, Blackstar also following.
Bramblestar stopped his eyes turning over to Crowstar who hadn't moved. There eyes meet blue gazing into amber, then the Windclan leader was gone. Down into the thick of the fighting, he flicked his tail to his warriors telling them to help Shadowclan. Soon Bramblestar himself jumped down into the fighting as well. None of this seemed right, and even Starclan wasn't going to stop it. Though they watched on in pity, unable to send a sign to there fellow warriors.
Lionblaze along with Foxfur raced through the fighting warriors to help Darkpaw fighting with Whitetail, and Otterheart. Lionblaze raked his claws across Whitetail's face as she spun around hissing at him. His dark amber eyes narrowed as he jumped back from her failing claws. Something told him that tonight this ground would be stained with blood. He saw how another warrior Grasspaw was fighting Foxfur, Darkpaw had been forced to limp away. He was about to go help when Icestorm came running through and aided her brother. Lionblaze was jerked back to his thoughts when Whitetail bit deep into his leg. He snarled curling back his lip to show white fangs, before bringing them into the Windclan warrior's shoulder. He heard her yelp and soon let go of him, and ran away to find another warrior to fight. He tired to spot his brother Jayfeather hoping that he wouldn't get hurt in the fighting. He saw him holding his own with Hollyleaf right next to him. He turned around to see Icestorm stand next to him blood staining her white pelt. He was shocked for a heartbeat, but then flicked his ears. Foxfur was getting back up to his feet, and Otterheart and Grasspaw were gone. He stepped back as the white she-cat ran past him. His jaw dropped when he saw that Hollyleaf had not only left Jayfeather, but was helping Breezewing. He girted his teeth as he ran over, shoving cats out of his way to get to her. He couldn't belive that she would help an enemy in battle. "What are you doing!" he snarled as his sister.
Hollyleaf spun around to see her golden brother next to her. "What does it look like?" she spat. She curled her claws into the ground.
"It looks like your helping him!" spat Lionblaze right back at his sister. In fact he couldn't even be sure she really was his sister, it could have been another lie.
"Well, then your right. War or no war he still needs our help!" she snarled back.
Lionblaze snarled and soon turned his back on his sister. He stormed off running into Icestorm agin. He hissed to himself as he caught a glow in her blue eyes. Had she been watching him talk to his sister? He shoke his head and padded off to find Bramblestar. He saw the large brown leader fighting with Leopardstar quickly knocking her to the ground. He gussed that Bramblestar wouldn't need his help right now. He soon jumped away into the thick of the fighting.
Rowanclaw had been pushing his way through the flow of fighting warriors. He didn't care about the battle all he wanted was his kit back. He snarled as Blackclaw jumped in front of him. He lashed out his claws scoring the tom in the neck. He smirked as the black warrior dropped to the ground, Rowanclaw knew that he was dead. He jumped away as another Riverclan warrior came by sniffing Blackclaw's body. He knew that the other warrior was Grasspaw. He jumped back, knocking the apprentice off his paws. His eyes glowed with his anger, he would have killed this cat to if Dapplenose hadn't attacked him. He was forced to back off from the Riverclan warriors and go find someone else to attack. He soon frozen in his paws as he heard one of the leaders give out a yowl. But none of the cats listened, and he soon found himself running. He stoped his eyes wide as he saw that Leopardstar had her teeth locked into Blackstar's neck. She droped him to the ground, and all at once the Riverclan, and Windclan warriors left. Soon only Shadowclan and Thunderclan cats were left all coming over to Blackstar. His deputy Russetfur was next to him, as she gazed sadly down at her dead leader.
"We should go." mewed Bramblestar to his clan. Soon Thunderclan left Shadowclan to grive for their leader.

Battle News

Shadowclan lost their leader, and Russetstar is now the new leader. Her new deputy is Rowanclaw. Though Shadowclan lost there leader, a she-cat is now holding his kits. While in Riverclan Blackclaw was killed by Rowanclaw.

Chapter 5

Jayfeather sniffed the ground as he walked by the Shadowclan border. His brother Lionblaze was with him along with Spiderleg and Birchfall. He looked around Lionblaze had caught a mouse, and was pacing around the forest floor. Though Jayfeather could smell something else, the faint smell of Shadowclan. He gussed that they were just watching there borders, so he kind of jumped when Lionblaze let out a warning hiss. "Who is it?" he asked.
"Its Russetstar, Rowanclaw, Tawnypelt, and Littlecloud, along with Flamepaw." he snarled. The bight orange tom slid his claws out as he glared at the Shadowclan cats. "What do you want Shadowclan!" spat Lionblaze.
"We want to talk to Bramblestar." mewed Russetstar. She flicked her dark ginger tail, her eyes boring into the golden warrior.
Lionblaze was about to say no when his brother cut him off.
"Fine follow us." mewed Jayfeather he flicked his gray tail at his brother. Spiderleg and Birchfall had just come over, and he waved his tail to them telling them not to attack the Shadowclan cats. He could tell that his brother was mad at him right now, but after seeing the fighting at the gathering this was for the best. He soon led the 5 Shadowclan cats down into the Thunderclan hallow to wait for his leader Bramblestar.
Whitewing, alone with Icestorm and Ashfur were already out of there den. Whitewing quickly padded over to her mate Birchfall, but before she left she heard Ashfur growl.
Ashfur lashed his tail as his eyes became hasrh as he glared at Whitewing. His fur on his shoulders was already rising and he had to force it to lay back down.
Icestorm turned to head to give a quick look over at Ashfur. It was clear that he liked Whitewing, but she never liked him. She cuckled this tom was turned down by two she-cats. She padded off to the den to go find Bramblestar.
Soon the dark brown tabby had padded out of his den, Icestorm by his side. He flicked his tail telling her that she could go. He padded down to the Shadowclan cats. "Well what do you want?" he asked Russetstar.
"We want Thunderclan to aid Shadowclan in its battle agaisnt Riverclan and Windclan. They have taken one of our apprentices Dawnpaw, and won't give her back." mewed Russetstar. She gussed that Bramblestar was going to help, but if it had been Firestar he wouldn't have.
Bramblestar flicked his brown tail looking at his clanmates. He looked over at Squirrleflight and watched as she nodded he turned back to Russetstar. "Very well will help." he mewed.
Russetstar nodded, "Good, will be attacking Riverclan in a few days be ready." she mewed with a flick of her tail her, and the rest of her clan mates when back to Shadowclan.
Bramblestar sighed it had been a few days and it was time to fight Riverclan and Windclan. WIth him he had brought Hazeltail, Icestorm, Foxfur, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, Sandstorm, Brightheart, Cloudtail, Brackenfur, Toadfrost, Thornclaw, Rosepetal, Berrynose, Mousewhisker, Ashfur, Squirrelflight, Graystripe, Rainpaw, and last Winterpaw. He felt that it would be enough warriors in case they ran into any trouble. He was soon in the Shadowclan camp, waiting for Russetstar. He saw her padding out of her den, with Rowanclaw, Oakfur, Tawnypelt, Smokefoot, Ratscar, Whitewater, Tigerpaw, Darkpaw, Crowfrost, Kintfur, Rednose, Snaketail, and Owlwing, Ivytail. He hoped that they would have enough warriors to go into battle with Riverclan and Windclan. Soon both of the clans set off for Riverclan. Though above in the skies Starclan was watching with dread.
When Thunderclan and Shadowclan reached the Riverclan camp Cloudtail went over to try to find where they were keeping Dawnpaw. His clan was already locked in battle along with Shadowclan. He stuck his head into the apprentices den looking around to see if she was in there. She wasn't although there were some apprentices in there Grasspaw, Petalpaw, Beetlepaw, and Prickelpaw all jumped at Cloudtail as they saw him. Soon the white warrior was rolling around on the ground trying to knock the apprentices off of him. Though it didn't work that much, Grasspaw already had his teeth locked in Cloudtail's neck. The tom's fate was seeled he was going to die by the apprentices. Soon Grasspaw stood back to look at Cloudtail's dead body covered in blood. He licked his lips, and flicked his tail to his siblings. It was time to find another warrior to attack or kill. They soon ran into the one eyed Brightheart, and made quick work of killing her. Now both of them were lying on the ground dead.
Soon Windclan warriors were pouring into the clearing to help fight with Riverclan. A Windclan warrior named Harespring landed right on Graystripe's back. Not only was Harespring attacking him, but Tornear was also was attacking him. Both of the warriors managed to bowl the tom over, and Harespring raked his claws over Graystripe's belly. Then Tornear bit Graystripe's neck killing the warrior at last.
Icestorm smirked this was her chance right now to get what she always wanted. Her white tail flicked as she made her way over to her deputy Hazeltail. This was the best chance that she could ever get. Her clan mates would think that a Riverclan or Windclan warrior had killed poor Hazeltail. She was soon behind her gray and white deputy giving a small smirk. Her claws were already out, and she was almost within range. Soon the white she-cat jumped at Hazeltail knocking her over. She laughed as she saw the shocked look in Hazeltail's eyes, as she dug her claws into her shoulder. "I wouldn't be so shocked if I were you." snarled Icestorm. She soon bit into Hazeltail's neck ending the life of her deputy. She looked up to see that Russetstar and Bramblestar had called off the attack, and it was time to leave. She couldn't believe that Riverclan and Windclan had overpowered them. But she knew that next time that wouldn't happen again.

Chapter 6

Bramblestar sighed as he jumped onto the high rock. It was time to name his new deputy for the clan. He let out a yowl to gather his clan together, he looked up at the stars of silverpelt, firestar what will i do without you..he mewed restlessly and looked down upon his clan.before he spoke he felt the presense of bluestar and firestar sitting close by and breathed in their sents..I know who to choose now."cats of thunderclan!" he yowled out so all the cats could here.."it's time that i appointed a new deputy...after loosing hazletail to the battle against windclan and riverclan.." he looked around as the cats where waiting for him to speek. "Lionblaze will be the new deputy of thunderclan." lionblaze looked up almost to shocked to say anything ." bramblestar.."he looked around at the cats that came up to him and congradulated his deputyship" I promise to be the best loyalist deputy thunderclan has ever had bramblestar.." he looked up at his leader."brambleclaw nodded in approval and steped down from the platform "i believe in you Lionblaze and so does starclan" Lionblaze let out a purr he hasnt been this happy in a long time."leafpool.." he looked over at his mother and new that she was proud of her kit but she didnt advance towards him." icecloud came padding up beside him and licked his ear "congradulations!" she purred and rubbed up against him "thanks icecloud.." he mewed gently in her ear and licked her fur"hollylleaf and jayfeather where sitting on his otherside feeling proud of their brother's acomplishments.Lionblaze then sat up and walked over to the bodies of his former clanmates.."i think it's time to sit vigal for cloudtail.. brightheart..hazeltail and greystripe. he bowed his heads down in respect for the warriors he once called friends i'll miss you all he sat down next to hazletail first and pressed his nose into her cold fur " i'm so sorry" he whispered to daisy who was right next to him..she looked over at him with clouded eyes and barely was able to let out a mew..mousewhisker and berrynose and rosepetal and toadsteap walked over and sat next to her nuzzleing against her side "she is with starclan now..berrynose whispered and licked his mothers pelt"I dont want her to be in starclan..!" daisy wailed "i just want my kit.." she pushed her nose into hazletail's plet and fell silent "starclan..why?.." he looked up at silverpelt and walked over to greystripe's lifeless body and bowed his head once again you where my grandfather's oldest friend"he whispered .."starclan will honor you" he backed away so that greystripes mate millie could sit with him and his 3 children. he said his last farewells to cloudtail and brightheart and walked up to bramblestar who was sitting alone looking up at the stars. "we have lost so many tonight .." he looked at bramblestar who looked at him as though his eyes where clouded by darkness "we have havnt we.." he sighed and looked at his new deputy "we should discuess patrols for tomorrow but you look exausted lionblaze you should go get some rest "yes bramblestar i will" he dipped his head and walked down into the warriors den when he entered he saw ashfur getting ready to sit in his nest and nodded the dark warrior looked at him and nodded in return he then walked over to his nest and layed down icecloud was already in her nest next to him ..he curled his tail around hers and slowly gave into sleep. he woke up in a field and there where cats all around him.."greetings Lionblaze" he remember this voice.."firestar?" he breathed as he saw the magnificent flame-colored tom in the hight of his life he bowed in deep respect "oh firestar i've missed you..." his words where cut short as firestar waved his tail for silence "Lionblaze" he looked at him his eyes full of concern "there is great evil comming" he mewed in a rasped voice.."tigerstar is still out there in the place of no stars he is bloodthirsty and wants the end of thunderclan and wont stop for nothing " he looked at Lionblaze and felt pity for the warrior "tigerstar is getting stronger and will destroy the clans if you dont stop him.." he shifted his paws "the other cats of thunderclans past have come to stand beside the great leader "starclan has coosen you to defeat the cat of endless hatred" the starclan cats said together "save the clan we have loved for as long as starclan has walked silverpelt.." Lionblaze looked shocked and looked around at all the pelts of the thunderclan cats .."i promise on behalf of all of thunderclan.." he vowed "i will get rid of tigerstar once in for all!" he mewed loud enough for all the isles of cats to here and he saw the former deputy nod in approval "hazle..tail" he looked at her his eyes softened "" she walked up to him her eyes shining like two moons and stars in her pelt "i know Lionblaze but my destiny was of what starclan has foretold and nothing can change what has happened. It was not your faluts or anyother" she looked at him her eyes filled with a lifetime of wisdom "just do as what starclan has told you and become the greatest cat the clans have ever seen.." Lionblaze was about to speek but the shadows of the cats where fadding as he mewed towards hazletail "good luck young warrior " she mewed as she vanished "and may starclan light your path.." he then woke up startled by the dream he just had."hazletail.."he thought to him self slowly getting up from his nest and walked out of the warriors den.......