My awesome clan is SnowClan:

History of SnowClan

Many, many, many, seasons ago, a group of cats fled the great battle that led to the four clans’ formation in fear of being driven out or killed. The spirits of the cats that had been slain in battle (restored to there healthy state and shining like stars) spoke to the runaways as they had the other cats, telling them to unite and form a clan or die. The spirits spoke to Snow -a wise and brave cat- giving her the name Snowstar, granting her eight more lives, and explaining to her the warrior code. She would be the leader of SnowClan. The spirit cats were to be known as StarClan. As long as SnowClan lived by the warrior code, StarClan would guide and watch over them throughout their lives.

SnowClan Territory

SnowClan took home in the small area of unexplored forest next to the mountains that are home to The Tribe Of Rushing Water. There the only dangers are foxes, badgers, and other animals. Twolegs have never discovered there home.
The camp of Snow Clan is in a pit surrounded by a thick wall of trees. Half of the camp is in red stone caves.

Hope you like it!

Lily Anne

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