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Excerpt:Firestar's Quest

(Spottedleaf and Sandstorm are alone)

Sandstorm:Why do you love Firestar?

Spottedleaf:I don't know...

Sandstorm:Firestar and I have beeen together. I have always wanted kits and I think I've found the perfect father. Let me sing you a little song(change a few of the words):[1]


The real musical:Chapter 1 (only major events)


Crowfeather:Have you made your decision?

Leafpool:Yes. I spoke with...a friend at the moonpool. We'll need to get ready for when we leave.

Crowfeather:Leave?! You'll go with me?

Leafpool:Yes. Just to show my feelings:[2]

Crowfeather:Let's go.

(Scene change:Mountainous hills)

Leafpool:Can we rest?

Crowfeather:Anything you ask, my love.

Leafpool:I kind of miss Squirrelflight, Firestar, my mentor, medicine cat life, Thunderclan (Starts to sniffle)

Crowfeather:Shhh. It'll be alright. We'll be mates and have kits, find other's to join our clan, be together forever.

Midnight:Greetings. Crowpaw and Leafpaw. Where are rest of clans? I have important message.

Crowfeather:It's Crowfeather now. And the clans are that way. Leafpool and I ran away.

Leafpool:What is your message?

Midnight:Many will attack your clan tonight. My kin. The badgers.

(Midnight leaves)

Leafpool:Shouldn't we help the clans...

Crowfeather:Midnight will warn them. They'll be okay.

Leafpool:No! Sorry, but I love my clan. I won't let them be destroyed! (Starts to sing:[3]

Crowfeather:Very well. I'll escort you home.

The badger attack

Firestar: Badger!

Daisy:There's more

Firestar:Get ready...

Firesatr:Hurry up Longtail!

Longtail:(at top whee badger can't get him) Hit it! [4]

Thunderclan:Fight to the end!

Thornclaw:There's too many...

Ferncloud:Look! It's Leafpool...with (says meanly) Crowfeather.

Leafpool:What's going on?

Birchpaw:(weakly) Sorreltail is having her kits...


(The nursery entrance)

Leafpool:Badger. Brackenfur, what happened?

Brackenfur:Badger ... Broke ... In...