Based off of Potter Puppet Pals "The Vortex". Enjoy!--Shaf Girl 22:03, December 20, 2009 (UTC)

Tigerclaw: In slow motion, the flowers fell from my head and shattered, and when I looked into the puddle, I was a beautiful queen. Then I woke up whimpering, and I don't know why.

Bluestar: Well, I once had a dream that I was a baby pig, living on a Twoleg farm! Oink, oink, oink!

Tigerclaw: No, you don't understand. It was a life-changing vision. I may never be the same aga--

Firepaw: (runs over, knocks Tigerclaw over) Bluestar! We need your help! Kitty emergency!

Bluestar: Oh StarClan, let's go!

(go to the other side of camp, where Sandpaw is standing in front of some swirly thing in the air)

Sandpaw: Bluestar, Graypaw's trapped in an alternate world like StarClan!

Bluestar: Oh, not again!

Graypaw: (voice coming from the swirly thing) Oh, it's the most terrible thing. It tickles in all the wrong ways.

Firepaw: It wouldn't happen if you weren't so fat. What should we do, Bluestar?

Bluestar: Hmm, fetch me the problem stick.

Graypaw: Oh, I think I'm having my warrior's vigil!

Sandpaw: Don't go into the light, Graypaw!

Firepaw: (carrying a stick) Here it is. Why does it have all these claw marks on it? Do you think it could be important several generations from now to a blind cat?

Bluestar: Nevermind that! Ah yes, my old friend. (grabs stick) Let's see if I remember how to do this. (pokes swirly thing, which turns into Graypaw, who falls to the ground)

Firepaw: (bats the body with his paw) Are you okay, Graypaw?

Graypaw: (stands up, looking bigger, buffer, more handsome and with a deeper voice) Do you have bees in your brain? Firepaw, I've never felt better! I'm a warrior now! Hello, Sandpaw.

Sandpaw: (a little flustered) He, oh, Graypaw.

Graypaw: It's Graystripe now. Hello, Bluestar.

Bluestar: Wow, you're much cooler than Firepaw!

Firepaw: What?

Graystripe: Let's have a Twoleg party, in the forest!

(music randomly starts playing, all the cats except Firepaw dance)

Firepaw: No, no! (music stops playing) Time for the Petuitary Shrink Attack! (attacks Graystripe, who turns back into Graypaw)

Graypaw: (shivers)

Firepaw: I rule the Clan, do you understand? I'm the leader! No one can be a better warrior than me, because I'm Firepaw, I'm the kittypet who joined a Clan, I'm Firepaw, okay?

Graypaw: I'm so sorry, Firepaw.

Firepaw: Well, good. Now let's have a Twoleg party, in the forest.

(music comes back on, Firepaw dances wildly, everyone else dances hesitantly)

Firepaw: (singing)

My name is Firepaw, I'm the leader of ThunderClan!

I'm better than everybody in the Clan!

I'm cool and I am awesome, all the she-cats know my name!

Fire, fire, Firepaw, that is my name!

Firepaw, Firepaw, do the shoo-y-doo-wup.

Other cats: Shoo-y-doo-wup, shoo-y-doo-wup.

Firepaw: Yeah!

I defeated Brokenstar when I was kit, yes I did!

I was even awesome when I was a kit, I was!

I left kittypet parents when I was a kit, I did!

I grew up in a Clan, without any love, I did!

Firepaw, Firepaw, Firepaw.

Other cats: Shoo-y-doo-wup, shoo-y-doo-wup.

Firepaw: THAT'S ME!!!!!!!!!! (pants) You guys are the best Clanmates ever, you know that?

Sandpaw: Aw, Firepaw.

Bluestar: (sniffs) You're going to be alright, Firepaw, my apprentice. (wraps tail around Firepaw's)

Sandpaw: We'll always love you, Firepaw. (wraps her tail around the other two)

Bluestar: Yes we will.

Graypaw: (tries to wrap his tail with them) I love you too, Firepaw.

Firepaw: (pushes him away) Look less like a kittypet before you cuddle with me, Graypaw.

Graypaw: What?

The end!

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