Spirit and Coal

This poem was made by Spiritkit's Vision

I am Life He is Death

I am Ice He Is Fire

I am Light He is Dark

Together We are one

We are a Frozen Fire,

We Are The Darkness in The Light,

We Are The Death in Life

I am Spirit He is Coal

We are Truly one

Soon I will go, He will over-run his power. I will stop he will go. We will have to save each other. I will freeze life, he will burn death. I will shed light, he will take the darkness. We are still one we are together half of each. Confusion and Clues all we need to do. Fire will freeze, Ice will burn. We will be together forever.


This poem was made when Unknownmind was questioned by loyalty

Where does my loyalty lay

My honor and dismay?

I wonder what they think of me,

A rouge or a Cat

Why do I try?

I can't get my honor back

Cats question me,

If I deserve the Clan

Some cats understand,

Others a traitor

Do I stay?

Or leave later?

My mind is spinning,

My intentions are unknown

Cats are angry,

I deserve to be alone

As I think of her,

I no longer see

If I ever knew,

What she thought of me


This is when Sparrowpaw got memories of his past life

Whats happening inside my head?

I see visions of another cat

Something is wrong,

Or is it true?

Am I me?

Or you?

Who is this cat?

He resembles me

But he is not,

But he is what I truly see

I am Sparrow,

He is Dusk,

Was I this cat?

Was he Me?

Soon I found out,

This cat was me and I was him

It's a bit different,

But I know I'm him

Losing Faith

This happens when Bluestar loses faith in Bluestar In StarClan

Losing faith

is a trace

I have to go through

My heart in pain

My legs feel lame

Another step of death

Life is dead

Just another dread

To everyone

Mind swirling

Head twirling

What am I left to do

Pain revealing

Heart swirling

There is nothing to do

Lost faith

Everything is a disgrace

Something I did wrong

Once more

Much gore

Overcame life

Nothing I can do

Nothing I can be

To anyone but me

Now everything is gone

For life

For none......

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