This is written by User:Kaboo08. I saw some other really funny ones so I just HAD to make one! A real break from my other stories! Please comment

Hazeltail jogs up to the place at the drive-thru where they take your order.

Hazeltail: "Hello? Anyone in there?"

Jayfeather *standing in drive-thru window*: I can't see you! How may I not help you?

Hazeltail: I'd like a burger, some fries, and a side order of Berrynose.

Jayfeather (to Hollyleaf): Burger, fries, and nose of a berry!

Hazeltail moves to next window

Lionblaze *at new drive-thru window*: "That'll be 25 mice, or 5 rabbits, if you prefer."


Lionblaze: "You haven't seen the exchange rates, I guess."

Hazeltail: "Here you go," *hands over 20 mice*.

Lionblaze: WHAT THE!!! *Claws Hazeltail's tail off.*

Hazeltail: "My tail! My beautiful tail!"

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

Hollyleaf: "Come here, Berrynose." *Pulls his nose off, frys it.*

Berrynose (in strange voice): GIVE THAT BACK! I NEED THAT!

Hollyleaf: *Takes fried nose, puts it on Berrynose's snout.*

Berrynose: "AHHH!!! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!"

Hollyleaf: *puts burger, fries, and Berrynose's nose on tray. Passes them to Breezepelt*

Breezepelt: *grudgily hands tray to Hazeltail through third window.*

Hazeltail: "I wanted the whole Berrynose! Not just his nose!"

Breezepelt (in grumpy tone): "Have a nice day!" *hurridly shuts window*

Hazeltail: *goes back to camp. Shares tounges about how horrible the service is at the new joint.*

Millie: "I didn't know there was a burger joint in Thunderclan! I love burgers, especially when my twolegs put mustard on them.!" *slurps tounge over lips*

Daisy: "You want to go with me, Millie?"

Millie: "Sure!"

Back at the Burger Joint...

Millie: "Can we place our order?"

Jayfeather: "No! We only except CLAN born cats!"

Daisy: "How wrong!"

Millie: "Jayfeather, you yourself our desdended from Firestar, a kittypet born cat in his own right."

Jayfeather: "Did I say we served Firestar? I'm clan born, and who knows who my mom *Hollyleaf slaps tail over his mouth*

Millie: "Who your mom what?"

Hollyleaf (hurriedly): "He meant WHAT my mom would think."

  • Heathertail approches burger joint, walks in for a sit-down meal.*

Heathertail (to Breezepelt): "I'd like a burger with pickles, fries, a coke, and a romantic sit down dinner with you." *purrs softly, glancing at Lionblaze*

  • Lionblaze looks about ready to explode*

Breezepelt: "Most certainly!"

Later, while heather and Breeze enjoy their meal...

  • Lionblaze walks up to their booth*

Lionblaze (In flat tone): "How may I help you?"

Breezepelt: "We're fine, thank you."

Heathertail: "No. Acctually, I'd like a refill on my coke."

  • Lionblaze gets Heathertail another coke, trying not to crush the cup from anger. Hands it to Heathertail*

Heathertail: "Thank you." *Dumps coke all over Lionblaze. Breezepelt laughs VERY loudly*

At the Tribe of Rushing Water...

Stoneteller: *Hears laughter coming from burger joint* "A sign! Laughter will come, and bring joy to many and anger to few! Thank you, my ancestors!"