The following story is rated Safe.

I saw these all over the site and I thought would do one! I hope you like it!

Leafpool: Welcome to The Warriors Museum!

Firestar: I didn't know this was on Thunderclan territory...

Leafpool: It's a new addition.

Squrrelflight: Wow! Its sooo cool!

Lionblaze: Whatever...

Jayfeather: Why did you bring me here, Leafpool? I... Can't... See!

Leafpool: You can learn by listening.

Jayfeather: Okay, fine. *Quickly leaves tour for The Stick* I'm coming Stick!

Squrrelflight: Is Chatspeak allowed?

Leafpool: Sry no

Squrrelflight: Okay... Hey! You just...

Leafpool: Just what?

Squrrelfight: Nvr mind.

Leafpool: Strike one, Squrrelflight!

Squrrelflight: Hey!

Leafpool: Okay, here is our first stop on our tour, The Firestar hall of fame!

Lionblaze: Whatever…

Firestar: Wow! Who donated all of this?

Leafpool: Spottedleaf! And Tig…

Sandstorm: WHAAATTTT?!?

Firestar: *Looks at ceiling* Hey is that my pelt?

Leafpool: Yes, I think it is!

Firestar: *Grabs pelt and runs away*

Leafpool: SECURITY!

Tigerstar: Get back with that pelt, Thief!

Firestar: You’ll never catch me alive, copper! And aren’t you supposed to be dead?

Tigerstar: *Rips pelt off Firestar*

Firestar: OWW!!!

Tigerstar: That was way more fun the second time.

Leafpool: I’ll take that. *Puts Firestar’s pelt back on display*

Tigerstar: The next time you disrupt this tour, you are coming to museum jail with me.

Firestar: Does that ‘jail’ involve your claws?

Tigerstar: *shifty eyes* No.

Leafpool: Moving on! This is a reproduction of the Old forest territory!

Lionblaze: Whatever…

Firestar: Wow, it’s so accurate! Hey this is where…

Sandstorm: *glares at Firestar*

Firestar: I fought with Longtail?

Sandstorm: Uh huh.

All the cats look at the replica of the camp, until Squrrelflight makes a discovery.

Squrrelflight: Ooh! What is this in your den, Father? It’s a tuft of fur in your den…

Firestar: Oh, that’s nothing. *Bushes fur away* Sorry Spottedleaf!

Sandstorm: *mauls*

Firestar: How was I supposed to know it was so accurate?!?

Leafpool: Here is the painting of the arrival at the Great Bear Lake…

Squrrelflight: Is this supposed to be here?

Kallik: I’ll take that. It belongs in our museum.

Cats: BEAR! Ahh! *All run away*

Kallik: *Takes painting, leaves*

Leafpool: Okay, *pants* lets continue our tour. Here is a painting of the Great Journey.

Lionblaze: What… Hey, how can there be a ‘painting’ of the Great Journey?

Leafpool: It is the writer that makes us say these things. Sorry.

Lionblaze: Stupid writer.

WarriorcatZ1324: I heard that!

Leafpool: If you look to your left, you will see Scourge’s dog teeth studded collar.

Tigerstar: I always wanted one of those!


Leafpool: Strike two, Squrrelflight!

Squrrelflight: Drat!

Foxleap: I had no idea that you liked to speak in Chat!

Squrrelflight: Don't start it Foxleap... And when did you get here?

Foxleap: *Whispers to Squrrelflight* Let's say I have connections to the CIA...

Squrrelflight: Say what?!?!

Foxleap: You know it, Girlfriend!

Squrrelflight: O.o Why are you doing this to me?!?!

WarriorcatZ1324: Sorry, everyone knows he's insane!

All cats: *Nod* Yeah, you're right...

Foxleap: YOU THINK I'M INSANE?!?! MOMMY! *Runs away*

All Cats: O.o

WarriorcatZ1324: I didn't make him do that!

Squrrelflight: Right...

Leafpool: Anyways, we have arrived at the rest stop, please feel free to buy fresh-kill provided by the vending machines!

Firestar: How much does it cost?

Leafpool: The exchange rate is 5 mice for one dollar, Or twoleg money.

Lionblaze: AH! THE STUPID TWOLEG BILL IS CRINCKLED! IT...WON'T... GO... IN!!! *Loses mind* I wonder how this feels on my salad fingers... hehe

Leafpool: *Slaps Lionblaze*

Lionblaze: I'm... Good...

Squrrelflight: Why are we exchanging food for food? Let's eat the mice!

Firestar: Good idea!

After the Brake...

Leafpool: Here's the Gift Shop. Feel free to take what you like!

Firestar: *Eyes piece of Spottedleaf's fur*

Sandstorm: *Growls*

Brambleclaw: I've been wondering, why wasn't I in this?

Squrrelflight: GET OUT! I'll take this please... Thanks! *Throws Warriors Snow globe*

Brambleclaw: Gah! *Runs out of Shop*

Leafpool: This is the end of the tour!

Hollyleaf: *runs to Exit* What'd I miss? I was stuck in the tunnels.

All Cats: ALOT!

Hollyleaf: Gosh! The dead cats in the tunnels were nicer than you!

Firestar: This is the end of the show, Incase you didn't know, which you really shoud've known...

Leafpool: Copyright Infringement! *mauls*

All Cats: *sigh* The end!

-- WarriorcatZ1324 Talk to me! Twolegs rule! 01:00, September 24, 2009 (UTC)

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