Season 7 of War.


Episode 1 - The Awkward Phase

It's been a moon- the kits have been oohed and aahed over for that long. Of course, now, everyone else is getting antsy, and no one really knows how to break it to Gorsefur: they want to do something.

Episode 2 - Kill the Messenger

When the new tom arrives to the squad, he's not exactly given the warmest welcome. It's hard being the new guy, especially when you're dealing with two new parents who just want to talk about their kits, an emotionally deranged cat and her mate, and...well...Adderscar.

Episode 3 - Sharp as a Briar

Adderscar was not made for dealing with kits. So he requests to be paired with another squad for the time being, while the others take their break. Naturally, he gets stuck with the she-cat who was his replacement once upon a time...

Episode 4 - Half-Blood

Sedgewhisker finally realizes the truth about Shadowsong: she's not entirely WaterClan. The squad tries to figure out whether they can trust him or not.

Episode 5 - Back Home

Shadowsong doesn't go back to her old den much. What's the point? But when Sedgewhisker reveals that he knows the truth behind her, he shows her a few secrets of his own.

Episode 6 - Loyalties Lie

Adderscar and Briarclaw discover that a sizable fraction of the FireClan population is partially there any way they can use this to WaterClan's advantage?

Episode 7 - Turbulence

Has Main always been so...suspicious? Maybe it's the prolonged stay, but Brookfall starts noticing things she hasn't before, and she's not sure how to deal with them.

Episode 8 - Life is Messy

When Morningkit falls sick, Sedgewhisker, Oakclaw, and Shadowsong volunteer to go get herbs. Meanwhile, Adderscar and Briarclaw return and share their findings with Waterstar.

Episode 9 - Not Always

The rumors have been true- the militant group of generals, warriors, and random protestors have finally made their move on the massive half-FireClan population. The squad isn't the only ones trying to stop it...but it feels like they are.

Episode 10 - What You Want

Shadowsong finally finds her niche in the war effort; she can be more than just another warrior. But is it worth the repercussions to do something that will help others as well as make her a prominent figure in WaterClan...if it tears her in two?