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It was a dark night. I padded out of SparkClan's camp and onto the Twoleg bridge for a better view. It was there, alright.

The lake surrounding SparkClan's island camp was blood red.


Chapter 1

My entire Clan was now assembled on the Twoleg bridge. We were peering into the lake.

"How could this happen?" Ivystar, our tortoiseshell leader, asked.

"Punishment from StarClan, perhaps?" Branchclaw, the medicine cat, suggested.

"Well, we've now got some serious problems. This water is tainted. We have to send out patrols to find clean water, and fast. Not only that, but it would be best to evacuate this island completely. We may no longer be safe here." Ivystar said.

For the rest of the night, my Clan was busy. The kits were moved from the nursery. Branchclaw and some of the apprentices had to move the herbs. Warriors had to find new water.

And throughout the time, I wondered "What did my Clan do to deserve this?"

Chapter 2

The night was tough, but in the morning, SparkClan had been evacuated off the island and into a collection of caves that were surprisingly comfortable.

Ivystar, her deputy Hollywhisker, Branchclaw, and the warriors gathered into one of the caves to discuss what had happened.

"Obviously, some kind of spirit did this," Branchclaw said, "because that wasn't blood. It was some kind of strangely tainted water."

"I agree." Hollywhisker said.

"We need to send some cats over to investigate." Ivystar said. "Among these cats will be Toadfur, the cat who discovered the water.

My heart skipped a beat as my name was said.

Chapter 3

The next day, the group of cats went to the island to investigate. I was nervous about the whole thing. What if something went wrong?

The lake was as red as it had been discovered. Most of the cats investigated the island, but I stood by the water, looking at it. There was something wrong with it, but what. Too late, I realized that it was moving.

And that was when the tidal wave swept over me, and I was gone.

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