alternate blog title: apush is kicking my butt

anyways, it's me kade or more commonly known as wetty on here. what is pretty surprising is that there's so many new kiddos on here that some of yall don't even know who i am.

a quick update on who i am:

Kade/Wetty, admin who has been on the wikia the longest (besides arti but ya know), age 17, been on here for almost 7 years. yall i've written a load of fanfics on here but half of them are terrible lmao

Okay let's start typing more formally.

I'm a junior in high school and I'm started SAT prep so I can duel-enroll my senior year at a local university and then go fulltime after I graduate at University of Georgia. I'm going for a music education diploma and basing my whole college career on hope scholarship which is provided to Georgia residents with a high enough GPA. Long story short, I'll be hanging around this southern hell hole for a while haha

I'm trans. Clearly obvious if you look at my profile or any social media. I'm out to my parents and friends, but most people at school don't really know. It's not like I'm blurting out "Hello! I am a transgender boy!" to everyone at school cause yall gotta remember GEORGIA. DEEP SOUTH. And I like to ya know, not be bullied more than I already am.

You can find me on my wattpad (asunderkade), my twitter (asunderkade) or my tumblr (asundercole) if yall wanna know more bout me. I also got some sic pics of myself on there if you're curious to what I look like.

I love Warriors tho yall, I've been all about these damn cats since 2008. And I'm not making some huge promises about being super active again because band activities take up a lot of my life, as does school and 3 AP classes. 

But I will be on here as I typically am since i lurk a lot. I will answer everyone's questions and keep yall updated on my life. 

Most importantly, I'd like to read some of yalls fanfics! So leave me some suggestions below and I'll check em out and give yall some comments. Love yall!


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