Sorry I'm really excited, so if I breeze by you I'm sorry.

Anyway, I found Kate Cary's fan page on Facebook, and "liked" it (because "become a fan" went bye-bye!).

Then I posted:

Hey. You know what my dream is? For my warrior name in a Warriors book... I am like the BIGGEST fan EVER. Seriously. Anyway. I know you might not notice this but if you do you would be making like, my BIGGEST dream EVER come true. So... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE notice!

Of course, I said to notice 'cause she's like a famous author and stuff. But, anyway, notice how I forgot to put my warrior name there. So I commented on it...

Oh yeah. Forgot to put the name out of overexcitement that you have a page here (I don't care if I spelled "overexcitement" wrong. Is that even a word?) Forestheart- a short-haired gray tom with a little tuft of fur on his head. Forest-green eyes. Very loyal, strong, smart. Sometimes a bit TOO smart and annoys everyone.

xD That's my personality in a nutshell.


Forestheart is a GORGEOUS name. I'll put it on my list!

I AM SOOO EXCITED! Like, my warrior name IS GOING TO BE IN THE BOOKS! Not for a long while, I'm assuming. But... still!

MY WARRIOR NAME... in the books. That makes my life so much better. After the whole cancer thing... (still going on, going to find out more later next week, so stay tuned!)

But, isn't that EPIC?

P.S. I changed my signature! Look! ↓↓
FP |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|

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