Sequel to Slowly Shrinking and Set 3 opener of The Griffin's Rise! -Leafwhisker 20:44, April 8, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One

Water glanced around the clearing then at her littermates, Sky and Fleck. "Hey!" she meowed and ran towards them. She could breathe underwater, as she was Bronze's kit. She never knew her mother though. "Sky, did you know mama?"
"No, Saphire says she died, did she?"
"I think so." Fleck mumbled and shoved Sky to the ground. Sky glared at her brother and flew into the sky. "Bronze says we have those powers for a reason, but he wouldn't tell."
"Sky, he's our papa!" Water protested, "He wouldn't tell us!"

"I guess not." Sky muttered and flew back towards earth and tackled Bronze. Gem said he could kill but Sky didn't believe her. I guess I didn't either.

Chapter Two

Water poured around Water's face as she fell into the lake. She screeched but know cat came to her. She noticed that she could breathe. Sky just told Bronze Water could breathe underwater but still wasn't sure. She slowly moved her paws to the surface and glanced around her but didn't see anything, next thing she knew anything went black.

Chapter Three

Bronze looked around but didn't see his kit anywhere. His ears pricked as he heard something, a twoleg. "Look, it's a griffin hybrid, bring it to the lab." Bronze gasped, they were taking Water away from him.

End! Next book is Deep Down!

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