Set One

SolarClan's Story

Night Skies - Solar, an ordinary rogue, is given a mission. He must re-build SolarClan, an ancient, long forgotten Clan of sky-watchers that scattered many years ago. Can he do it? Or will it prove to be too impossible a quest?

Little does Solar know, his job is about to get a whole lot harder... BoneClan has returned...

??? - TBA

??? - TBA

Set Two

SkyClan's Home

A Twist Along the Path - SkyClan's medicine cat apprentice has been sent a dream. StarClan tells her that she must bring SkyClan home? But what does it mean? Isn't SkyClan already home, safely hidden in camp?

With the help of her sister Lightpaw, Rowanpaw journeys downstream, following the river on it's perilous journey through the forest. But what happens when they get to the other side?

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