if you don't like spoilers then don't read the spoilers section. i assume you're smart enough to know that.


  • Both Talonfang and Creekfrost are lightly based off of my cats, Creekfrost; appearance wise, and Talonfang; personality wise.
  • In the beginning, Talon & Creek were Frostshine and Sharptalon's real kits, and Wispkit and Flightkit were two moons older
  • Talon & Creek were brought into the world because of roleplay
  • In the roleplay, Talonfang was going to be a dude... i forgot and when i remembered, i just decided to roll with it...
  • Also in the rp, Talon and Creek were at first going to be unrelated in anyway and become mates
  • It took me about a year to figure out what was the matter with Talonfang. First I thought maybe a mental disorder? right after i decided no. Then I thought she was possesed? Thought that was stupid... but then I thought maybe a curse? yes...
    • Then... I thougt... you know, that's stupid, she's just gonna be a di*k 
  • I came up with the title from a song called "Two Birds", which i think fits the two very well
  • PebbleClan is based off the rp Clan where Creek & Talon first came from, which is called RockClan
  • Both main characters have Siberian and Oriental genes. Talon looks more like a siberian, while Creek an oriental
  • Creek and Wisp were at first going to be mates
  • it's better than any warriors book, new and improved and has no dark brown tabby bad guys
  • Creekfrost's does a cute thing where he dips his head a lot - you may have already noticed he does it a lot (probably not). my cat who passed did that a lot and it's cute.


  • The tabby she-cat Talonpaw nicked the ear of in chapter four will reappear and have a big role for a short time.


  • I'm aware clans probably wouldn't know the words 'god' or 'hell' or any others mentioned in this story. It's just to make it more dramatic.
  • I will be adding more chapters concerning Talonfang and Creekfrost's kithood and more in their apprenticeship after I complete the story. This is more of a draft then the whole story, I'm also always coming up with new ideas about their past; we'll see more of how Stonekit and Creekkit became friends, why Talonkit always believes someone's out to hurt her or her brother... I'd do it now but I'm too excited to just get the story done! I've been wanting to write it for nearly two years now and just want to finish it.

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