if you don't like spoilers then don't read the spoilers section. i assume you're smart enough to know that.


  • Both Talonfang and Creekfrost are lightly based off of my cats, Creekfrost; appearance wise, and Talonfang; personality wise.
  • In the beginning, Talon & Creek were Frostshine and Sharptalon's real kits, and Wispkit and Flightkit were two moons older
  • Talon & Creek were brought into the world because of roleplay
  • In the roleplay, Talonfang was going to be a dude... i forgot and when i remembered, i just decided to roll with it...
  • Also in the rp, Talon and Creek were at first going to be unrelated in anyway and become mates
  • It took me about a year to figure out what was the matter with Talonfang. First I thought maybe a mental disorder? right after i decided no. Then I thought she was possesed? Thought that was stupid... but then I thought maybe a curse? yes...
    • Then... I thougt... you know, that's stupid, she's just gonna be a di*k 
  • I came up with the title from a song called "Two Birds", which i think fits the two very well
  • PebbleClan is based off the rp Clan where Creek & Talon first came from, which is called RockClan
  • Both main characters have Siberian and Oriental genes. Talon looks more like a siberian, while Creek an oriental
  • Creek and Wisp were at first going to be mates
  • My headcanon voice for Talonfang is my own voice
  • it's better than any warriors book, new and improved and has no dark brown tabby bad guys
  • Creekfrost's does a cute thing where he dips his head a lot - you may have already noticed he does it a lot (probably not). my cat who passed did that a lot and it's adorable.


  • Creek's mate will be Stonepaw
  • T-kid goes to gathering after made warrior and meets her true love, Firefart
  • Stonepaw spies on Talonpaw and Creekpaw, thinking something is "fishy" about those two. but she don't believe Creek killed those dumb appst
  • Creek follows T to her date with Firefart and T-kid notices after Fart leaves, then attacks Creekdude, giving him his handsome  face scar.
  • T-kid just leaves her bro to pass out and bleed cause she's so wrapped up in her wailing emotions, but then, it turns out, Stoneblaze's spying pays off as she rushes to Creekdudes side as he's bleeding and helps him. 
  • T-kid tells Fart that she's murder half her family, not even considering he may ignore her phone calls afterwards.
  • A few days later, T-kid realizes he wants to break up since he missed 32 of her calls, long with the fact he knows she killed her family. So she sneaks into Fartclan and murders him so he won't blab his big mouth. she is sad cause he was hot.
  • Wispheart and Falconcry will become mates; they have kits who die, but Wisp is too scared to tell him. AMAZINGLY, talonfang just so happens to have kits, then gives them to wisp to raise as her own because T thinks she's going to be a bad influence (no kidding)
  • Wisp for some dumb reason doesn't tell him they're talons.
  • So Falcon is retarded, gets some greencough, is told "ooh, you shouldn't go near those pesky kits when youve got that crap!" but he does anyway. bam, on of the kits catches it, bam, she dies, bam, Falcon realizes he's a terrible person and supports that more by running away and leaving his grief-stricken mate to care for three pesky kids.
  • Creekdude feels bad and offers to help Wisp raise her kits. you made a mistake creek, welcome to father hood.
  • So the three surviving kits, two are cool and too fesity for their own good, while the others a loser. 
  • Creekdude is all skittish n shit after what T-kid has done, so there's like this battle, and the deputy dies, and he then is made deputy. The clan doesn't like Teen-girl-leader Wolfstar's choice and throw a bunch of flaming glass at Creekfrost is hopes he will turn to ash.
  • Creekdude is baffled and scared what T-kid will do
  • T-kid is mad. She walks into camp, bellowing for the whole clan to hear. One of those cool kits of her comes up and is like "what was that? I think Wolfstar would like to hear you!" 
  • T-kid is mad. She takes cool-kid1 out of camp and repeatedly stabs him in the throat with a big dagger. Creekdude appears from thin air and bitch-slaps T-kid.
  • T-kid is mad. She runs off into the woods wailing for backup. Creekdude and Cool-kid1 go back to camp. Wolfstar orders Creekdude to lead a patrol to catch T-kid. Creekdude is not happy.
  • Creekdude leads a patrol, and is for some reason shocked that T-kid has a bunch of rogue bears for backup. Wow, she's been planning bad stuff to this clan for like two years now, i can't believe she'd have this though!! but i can believe she'd try to murder her kid.
  • So Creekdude jumps T-kid and they roll down a hill. T-kid breaks down in tears while Creekdude slaps her like the man she is telling her to go jump and in a roadside ditch and burn. T-kid listens and runs away into a grassy mountain. Creekdude wonders if he did the right thing.
  • Everyone completely forgets about T-kid and returns to their normal lives. Creekdude totally forgot he liked Stoneblaze and walks over and says "hey, i know i ignored you for the last year, but let's go out sometime." Stoneblaze proposes to Creekgirl and they live happily ever after.
  • Meanwhile in "T-land" T-kid is building giant robots to destroy the clans. She has some meltdowns. She finds Cool-kid2 on the road and kidnaps her.
  • So Stoneblaze gets pregnant. Creekdude doesn't want more kids so he plans to push Stone down some stairs, but he forgets about his plan because a few moons before, cool-kid1 sister, cool-kid2 ran away because she's was a whiny b*** cool-kid2 is teen pregnant and tells them T-kid kidnapped her while she was on the road and was using her to train as a terminator. They go rescue her.
  • When Creekdude returns, Stoneblaze has had fourteen babies, while she is naming all them, Creekdude slowly pulls a gun to his head.
  • So Creekdude stumbles into T-kid a few times and fight with constant quips, just like every marvel movie nowadays. T-kid gives up everytime wailing into the mist.
  • One day Creek is on a stroll and finds his wifes dead body with T-kid scent on her. Who did this?
  • Creekdude is sad cause Stoneblaze is dead. T-kid appears 23 hours later with a bunch of her bears.
  • Cool-kid2 dies in the battle and it helps T-kid wake up. T-kid realizes she in a way killed her daughter. She completely forgets this five seconds later.
  • Creekdude is drunk and angry and attacks her.  They fight and both die of arthritis.
  • End ~
  • 1111111111111111111111111111111
  • The tabby she-cat Talonpaw nicked the ear of in chapter four will reappear and have a big role for a short time.


  • I'm aware clans probably wouldn't know the words 'god' or 'hell' or any others mentioned in this story. It's just to make it more dramatic.
  • I will be adding more chapters concerning Talonfang and Creekfrost's kithood and more in their apprenticeship after I complete the story. This is more of a draft then the whole story, I'm also always coming up with new ideas about their past; we'll see more of how Stonekit and Creekkit became friends, why Talonkit always believes someone's out to hurt her or her brother... I'd do it now but I'm too excited to just get the story done! I've been wanting to write it for nearly two years now and just want to finish it.

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