Elmtail 23:58, 21 November 2008 (UTC)This is my fan fiction; it is my first one so I hope you help me out. Thanks. Elmtail

Chapter 1

It was a stormy night and, Jumpfoot and her patrol where on the midnight patrol "I hope the rogues go away so we can stop with all the patrols" Flowergale yawns as she walks. “Me too those fox-hearted rogues are evil" Velvetheart agrees. "Shhhhh. I think I hear something" Jumpfoot whispers. They creep up to the bush and hear a faint mewling. “Sounds like kits" Flowergale says with a motherly tone. They all raise their noses to the air “I don't smell anything but the kits" says Jumpfoot. Velvetheart moans and says "I found the mom." There on the ground is a small gray she-cat. "I guess we should take them back and tell Maplestar what happened" Flowergale sighs. “Come on let's go each get a kit" Jumpfoot says.

"Everyone old enough to catch their own prey come beneath the High Branch for a clan meeting. Last night Jumpfoot’s patrol found a litter of kits with their mother dead.” Maplestar announces. “I have decided to let them into the clan from now on they will be Cliffkit, Stonekit, and Grasskit.” “I have one more announcement would Petalpaw, Daypaw, and Nightpaw come forward.” “Do you promise to uphold the warrior code?” “I do” “I do” “I do” “From now on you will be known as Petaltail, Dayfur, Nightclaw, and Grasscloud.” “Now you will have a silent vigil. This concludes the meeting. Dawn patrol can leave now.”

“Finally we are warriors!” Dayfur the only tom out of the group says.

“So what are we going to do now?” sleek black Nightclaw wonders.

“Lets go on a patrol” the white, with black splashes, Grasscloud, tells her sister.

“What kind of patrol; hunting or border?” the golden tom says.

“Hunting.” The calico Petaltail tells her only sibling, Dayfur.

As Dayfur pounces on his prey the others all say “Let’s go back to camp."

"Dayfur and Grasscloud go get the prey while Nightclaw and I go back to camp with this prey.” Petaltail orders.

“Grasscloud. I love you.” Dayfur meows.

“Oh Dayfur I love you too.” Grasscloud mews also. “Let’s go.” As they walk away with their tails twined together.