It was an ordinary day in ThunderClan when suddenly out of the middle of no where Jayfeather ran into camp yowling "StarClan has phropesized we must kill Berrynose!" so the cats killed Berrynose. then they actually thought about what happened some more and they realized this was very strange. "What EXACTLY did StarClan say?" Firestar asked the nedicine cat. Jayfeather looked at himand said, "I heard voices in my head.And they told me 'We decided Bereynose to snobby and spoofy so you guys kill him." Firestar pondered this and said "Thsat doesn't sound like StarClan." as the Clan thought another voice appeared in jayfeathers head. It said something like this "Tell your Clan they are really controlled by 3 Twolegs who sell all the cats embaressing moments to children for about 15 bucks a copy. " and so Jayfeather told the Clana dnthey didn't believe him but finally after the Erins talked to all of them they decided what to do. Many cats were doing different things.

Lionblaze was thinking that maybe he should go ask Heatherpaw our because who cared about anything now.

Graystripe was shouting "Give me a mouse!" up at the sky. Suddenly out of no where a giant mouse fell out of the sky and whacked Graystripe on the head. Graystripe had to eat his way out.

Hollyleaf decided she wanted to be alive so she crawlked out of her hole and yowled "I wanna live!" but apparently the Erins diliked her so they zapped her with a lightning bolt.

Daisy was attempting to Twitter her friends while telipathically communicating with the Erins to make her cooler. Her wish was denied and twitter exploded.

Pretty soon the Clans were in ruins, so the Erins did the next best thing. Far away in the mountains Tribe cats were hunting and suddenly Stoneteller heard a voice "We will pay you money to make complete fools of yourselfs so people will buy our stuff..."

I was bored! And I know its weird HunterWelcome to Bramblepath's Den 01:57, February 27, 2010 (UTC)

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