"Darkness is a part of life."

"So you admit it?"

"Yes... I am your enemy, after all."

"How did I mange to trust you, then?"

For Blade's contest

(For full effect, get the font Carnaval de Mai from Otherwise, it might look a little strange.)

The Blurb

Sparkpaw knew this day would come. Her brother is gone, and everything else is falling apart. Memories are either unearthed, or destroyed, and Sparkpaw's wondering what she can do. But the shadows of SkyClan are surrounding her, and eventually... someone else must die.

Chapter One


The silence is beautiful. Every echoing piece of it. The noises of SkyClan are typically overwhelming, and ridiculous. But this silence... it feels so good.

However, I appear to be the only one, who appreciates this silence. Everyone else is clamoured around a body, that I have yet to see.

The only sounds are the twittering of birds, far above us. This is true beauty. Just pure silence.

And then, one is foolish enough to break it.

The cats around the body move aside, and slowly, I make my way towards it. Then it hits me. Why everyone has been so quiet until now. They waited for me... because I am the one to react to this scene in front of me.

The cat lying dead in front of me... is my own brother.


Now, the silence makes sense. There is nothing to say, nothing we can do. But my brother is dead. This worldly betrayal is everything.

The world is closing in on me. All the breaths, the heartbeats, the pumping blood; it can all be heard. Rushing waterfalls are quieter than this.

I try to calm down. There must be a way to understand this. But nothing comes.

"Turtlepaw..." I whisper, breaking the silence once more. I cannot understand this foolishness. The beautiful silence is broken.

And it is all my fault.

My brother was murdered... and yet everything is so quiet. Noise should be abundant, rampaging on this tiny Clan.

Instead, all you can hear is your own heartbeat.


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