Leader: Flowerstar- A brown she-cat with a strange white Patten.

Deputy: Coalstripe- A black Tom with a white stripe down his back.

Medicine cat: Whiteleaf


Cherrytail- A Tortoiseshell she-cat with a fluffy tail.

Apprentice: Willowpaw.

Longwhisker- A white Tom with long white whiskers.

Apprentice: Greenspan.

Brownstorm- A brown she-cat.

Apprentice: zigpaw.

Redeye- A Tortoiseshell tom with one red eye.

Apprentice: Grasspaw


Willowpaw- A black she-cat with white spots.

Greenpaw- A white tome with ginger paws.

Zigpaw- A black she-cat with a white ziggy Patten.

Grasspaw- A brown Tom with a grass Patten.


Snowplet- A white she-cat.

Forestmouth- A brown she-cat with a ginger patch by her mouth that looks like a leaf.


Leader: Goldenstar- A handsome tom with a beautiful ginger pelt.

Deputy: foxtail- A big brown tabby tom with a fox-like tail.

Medicine cat: yellowclaw- A pretty Tortoiseshell with strange yellow claws.


Icepelt- An amazing white she-cat

Apprentice: Robinpaw

Blackhead- A brown tom with a black forehead.

Apprentice: cloudpaw

Oakback-a Tortoiseshell she-cat with a stripe down her back the colour of an oak tree.

Apprentice: Sliverpaw

Greenpaw- A brown tom who spends all day in long green grass.

Apprentice: Whitepaw


Robinpaw- a she-cat the colour of a robin.

Cloudpaw- a tom the colour of the clouds.

Silverpaw- a tortoiseshell she-cat.

Whitepaw- a black tom with white paws.


Hollystripe- a small tortoiseshell she-cat.

Blue-eye- a black she-cat with beautiful blue eyes.


Leader: Diamondstar- a small black she-cat and she as a sparkle in her eyes.

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