The Clans


LEADER Seedwhisker – pretty, pale grey she-cat

DEPUTY Robinsong – reddish coloured tom

MEDICINE CAT Flightfeather –old ginger and white she-cat with a muzzle gone grey with age Apprentice, Bluepaw


Nightfall – dark grey tom with black legs

Icepool – very pale cream she-cat with blue eyes

Rowanberry – dark ginger she-cat

Snowbuzzard – long-haired white tom

Riverclaw – grey tom with blue eyes

Patchfoot – black and white tom

Leafstep – tortoiseshell she-cat

Bolta – black she-cat with amber eyes

Hollyfrost – pale ginger tabby she-cat

Blackshadow – jet-black tom

Inkpool – black she-cat with a white patch covering her eye and ear

Foxwhisker – pretty ginger she-cat

Ravenflight – black she-cat

Elderflower – cream she-cat

Blackice – black and white she-cat


Bluepaw – blue-grey she-cat

Archpaw – grey tom with a black tail

Jay – blind grey tabby she-cat

Honeypaw - light brown she-cat

Rosepaw - dark ginger tabby she-cat


Daisynose – black and white she-cat mother of Silentspirit’s kits: Redkit (rusty brown coloured tom), Whitekit (tiny white she-cat)

Flora – pale ginger tabby she-cat, mother of Nightfall’s kits; Songkit (pale cream she-cat), Larkkit (small light brown she-cat), Rushkit (grey tabby tom), Marshkit (pale grey tom)

Appleseed – light ginger tabby she-cat, mother of Patchfoot's kits: Rainkit (grey tabby tom), Tigerkit (ginger tabby she-cat)

Willowheart - pretty pale grey she-cat, mother of: Moonkit (grey tom)


Runningfox – ginger she-cat

Speckledflower – ginger she-cat with darker specks along her sides

Cinderfur - grey tabby she-cat


LEADER Death – jet-black tom covered with scars

DEPUTY Tigerstar – large dark brown tabby tom


Hawkfrost - large brown tabby tom

Brokentail - grey tabby tom

Scourge - small black and white tom

Bone - pale grey tom

Chillheart – grey tom with blue eyes

Shadowstalker – dark grey tom

Yewtail – pale brown tabby she-cat

Darkstorm – brown tabby tom

Silentspirit – grey she-cat with black flecks and tail


LEADER Greymoon – ancient grey tabby she-cat

THORN CLAWS (Cats successfully passed their Soft Pad training)

Sky –grey tom

Tiger – ginger tabby tom

Razor – ginger striped tom

Izzy – black and white she-cat

Marsh – grey tabby tom

Freya – golden she-cat

Scorch – large black and white tom

Nugget – small brown tom

Mist – smoky grey she-cat

SOFT PADS (You cats training to be Thorn Claws)

Jade – pretty pale ginger she-cat

Leah – dark grey she-cat

Jasper – light grey tom

Luna – pale cream she-cat with cloudy blue eyes

Patch – black and white tom

Friday – black and white she-cat

HEALERS (Medicine cats)

Bay – brown tabby she-cat

Maia – grey tabby she-cat

Kai – grey speckled she-cat

Eddie – small ginger tom

Lily – cream she-cat with blue eyes

Dandelion – black and white she-cat

Aisha – small pretty dark grey she-cat


Smudge - small grey and white tom

Lily – pretty white she-cat

Lido – black and white she-cat

Aidan – ginger tabby tom with three legs

Tawny – dark tortoiseshell she-cat with one eye

Blaze – jet-black she-cat

Ellie – pretty cream tabby she-cat

Jigsaw – ginger tabby she-cat

Hutch – brown tom

Bramble – ginger tabby tom

Sari – beautiful ginger she-cat

Evie – white she-cat with one black paw

Raven – black tom covered in scars with one ear

Star – ancient long-haired dark grey tom


Luna risked a glance at Jade, Leah and Jasper. Her pale fur was prickling slightly and she was itching to move forwards towards them. But Luna was a clever cat and she had the sense to stay still. Although Jade, Leah and Jasper were related to Aurora, she knew they were dangerous.

A few moons ago Blade had disappeared the same night Jade, Leah and Jasper had been on their First Hunt.

After a kitten reaches seven moons they go on their First Hunt. The kitten must catch a piece of prey and bring it back before nightfall. They then become a Soft Pad and get their mentor. If the kitten fails to do so they go and live with the Healers. It was all started by an ancient leader named Crescent who believed that Soft Pads could hunt by the time they were walking. If they couldn’t then they were Healers and were expected to know all the healing herbs by heart by the time they could speak. She personally thought that this was all nonsense and that they should be able to choose if they wanted to be a Soft Pad or a Healer.

Jade, Leah and Jasper had managed to bring back two pieces of prey each before nightfall. Luna didn’t believe that they had done it. She thought that Blade had caught all of the prey and that Jade, Leah and Jasper had killed him and stolen his catches.

“Hey,” Leah meowed lazily. Luna jumped a tail-length. A small smile spread across Leah’s face. “Thinking up some other crazy scheme to get us in trouble?” Luna narrowed her cloudy blue eyes.

“When have I ever tried to get you in trouble?” she demanded. Luna’s ears flattened against her head. The fur along her spine was beginning to rise and her claws were sinking into the sandy stone floor. But before she was able to move an inch a call came from the Main Cave.


Luna lashed her tail in annoyance. It was Sky, her mentor.

“Well, see you later,” Leah meowed. Then she grinned and added sneakily, “Loony.” Luna was tempted to tear her claws through Leah’s neat grey fur. But she was would get in trouble. Star had made it very clear that you must not ever attack another Tribe cat. Luna’s lips pulled back to her teeth. She stalked out into the long, narrow and winding tunnel that led to the Main Cave.

“That was mean,” Jade’s voice echoed after her. “You shouldn’t have called her that.”

“She would have called us that,” Leah retorted. Luna quickened her pace and followed the rest of the tunnel to the Main Cave. Sky sat in the centre, his pale eyes glittering in the darkness. Luna padded reluctantly towards him.

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