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GENRE: Action, Drama

The ShadeClan Trilogy is series written by Shigura about Wild, a Calico She-cat (Who is a Prisoner of ShadeClan) and her life forming a Group of Rebels to ultimately destroy ShadeClan.

The Books

(Beware of Spoilers!!)

Book One - Taken for Death

Narriated by Wild, book One is about Wild and Leaf escaping from ShadeClan and following Bluestar of StarClan's orders to form a new Clan, to destroy ShadeClan.

Book Two - Gone

Narriated by a Cat named Owl, Book Two features another escape from ShadeClan, but this time, she must rely on her enemies to escape...

Book Three - End

(Originally titled The End) Book Three hasn't even been started yet, and may be Narriated by either Goldstar or Shadefeather.



Narriated by Fallen, this special is about Fallen and Lilith's life after escaping from Shadeclan.

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