This is a fictional story based on Erin Hunter's Series, Warriors.

This page contains a fan fiction written by Blackclaw09.
This page contains the opinions of the original author(s), and is not patrolled for factual accuracy.
Remember that this story is non-canon. It may contain false characters, plots, or locations.
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Jayfeather was walking in a dark forest. He heard pawsteps coming towards him. As the medicine cat sniffed the air, he could scent a ThunderClan cat. Suddenly, the trees opened up to a small clearing. A shimmering cat stood on a large rock. Jayfeather saw that the cat was a light brown tabby she-cat. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"Honeyfern?" Jayfeather meowed uncertainly. The she-cat flicked her tail.

"Jayfeather. You have come." Honeyfern replied. She leaped down from the rock to face Jayfeather. "I have something to show you." she added. Jayfeather followed the StarClan warrior through the forest. Finally, she stopped. Jayfeather saw a huge lake that looked just like the Clans' Lake. Honeyfern stepped close to the gray tabby tom. She whispered into his ear, "Listen closely." Jayfeather watched the lake as the wind rippled its surface.

Suddenly, a screech arose from the other side of the lake. Jayfeather almost leaped out of his fur. It sounded just like a cat! Honeyfern rested her tail on his shoulder. When she whispered again, her voice was rasp.

Four, one cat from Thunder, Shadow, River, and Wind

Will journey to where the Sun meets Ocean

Beware of a traitor, one whose heart is filled with hate

A sacrifice will destroy the Clan.

With a tingle, Jayfeather realized that it was a prophecy. Then, Honeyfern turned around and walked off into the forest. The medicine cat could do nothing but wonder what would happen next.

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