Warriors: The Rise Of Redpaw: Part One (The Beginning) Genre-Action By:Tawnypeltlover


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Characters:Crystal:Fluffy white she-cat with sky blue eyes/Redpaw/Redclaw:Dark red tom with blood red eyes/More to come during the book....

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The two cats ran in the dreaded storm, hurrying to a nearby abandoned Twoleg nest. One cat was holding a small, fluffy little red kitten, that didn't say a word during the run, even though rain drenched his soft fur. When the cats got to the nest, the cat holding the kitten placed the kitten on the ground, then she shook herself. She looked at the little kitten. "Oh, Smoketail, why do we have to leave him here?" The she cat meowed sadly. "We can't have that kit near the our clans! If I had him with me, you would sneak out to see him, then we would both be exciled!" Smoketail hissed. "But he would be perfect for either of our clans. He has those razor sharp claws and teeth. He would be a perfect weapon if either of us were attacked." The she-cat retorted. "Listen Scarletfur, he would not make a good clan cat. Plus, you would want to keep him with you at your clan. He will not make a good clan cat, because he is half-clan! Either of our leaders would know their only half of your or my clan!" Smoketail tried to explain. "If I kept him with me, you wouldn't sneak out, would you?" Scarletfur questioned. Smoketail didn't answer and looked down at his paws. "You would sneak out to see him! But I would probably sneak out more." Scarletfur meowed. "Scarletfur, we have to leave him here." Smoketail meowed and put his tail on her shoulder. "I know how much pain it would bring to you, but its for his own sake of surviving. Our leaders would call us traitors, and they would never trust us again. They wouldn't trust our kit either." Smoketail meowed. "Okay, we will leave him here, but can I name him first?" Scarletfur asked. Smoketail nodded. "His name will be, Redpaw. Goodbye, Redpaw" Scarletfur meowed and licked the little kit's head. "Goodbye, Redpaw" Smoketail meowed and touched his nose to the top of Redpaw's head. He looked at Scarletfur. "I know he can live on his own. Let's get back to our clans." Smoketail meowed and the two cats ran off in the storm, then separated to their clans.

Chapter One

Redpaw prowled through the forest, his claws unsheathed and his blood red eyes glowing in the sun. His dark red fur heated Redpaw up, and he was very satisfied. He lived in an abanded Twoleg Place as a loner, and had no other cat around him. His mother apperantly named him Redpaw, even though he was a loner, because before his friend left, Gold said "Goodbye Redpaw! We might meet again another time!", and she was gone. Redpaw didn't even know who his mother or father, because when he first opened his eyes in the abanded Twoleg Place, he was alone. Redpaw could easily find prey in the Twoleg Place, and in the forest the Twoleg Place was built in, so he was always well fed.

Redpaw sniffed the air to smell groundhog. He followed the scent quietly and found the groundhog hole. The groundhog popped out of it's hole and Redpaw quickly killed it by a swipe of his claws to it's neck, easily killed from Redpaws super sharp claws. Redpaw had both super sharp teeth, and claws. They were as sharp as the sharpest blades in the universe!

Redpaw set the freshly killed groundhog on the ground and looked at the sky.It was starting to get dark, so he had to catch more prey quickly. Right as it was almost darkness all over the sky, he caught five mice and two birds. He brought his prey back to his home in the abanded Twoleg Place. He put his prey in a pile and then he layed down. He was wondering what it might be like living with others and not on your own. To catch prey for others and have a great, loyal leader. As he thought about it, it was getting darker and darker. He kept thinking until he was tired, and he curled up. He put the tip of his tail over his nose, and he fell into a deep sleep.........

Redpaw woke up, feeling a pround on his back. He opened his eyes and looked up to see a fluffy, white cat with a sparkly green collar. "Hey! Are you awake? Get up! I need to talk to you!" The white cat meowed. Redpaw nodded and sat up. "So what do you need to talk to me about, white cat?" Redpaw said broadly. "Hi! I never saw you here before, so I wanted to know who you are!" The white cat meowed. "What is your name?" Redpaw asked. "My name is Crystal. My housefolk live in the house next to that barn over there." Crystal meowed and pointed to the big house that was close to the barn. "What is your name?" Crystal asked. "My name is Redpaw." Redpaw meowed. Crystal's eyes grew wide. "You have a name like the warriors!" Crystal whimpered. "What are warriors?" Redpaw meowed tilting his head to one side. "If you don't know what a warrior is, why do you have a warrior name?" Crystal asked. "I guess my mom named me. But I'll never know because I don't know who my mother or my father are." Redpaw sighed. "Why don't I show you to my housefolk at my big house?" Crystal asked. "Sure!" Redpaw meowed and Crystal led Redpaw to the big house where Crystal's housefolk live.

When the two cats got to the house, Crystal took her paw and banged it on the door. Two large creatures standing on two legs came to the door. The yowled something in joy when they saw Crystal, but when they saw Redpaw, they stared at eachother then shut the door, leaving Redpaw outside on the doorstep, alone. Redpaw's eyes burned red and blazes were in his eyes. He had a surge and unsheathed his claws. He showed his teeth and clawed at the doorstep and sliced a part of wood from the doorstep off. He ran off the doorsteps and back to his abanded Twoleg Place. His eyes burned in fury and he seeked revenge. But he knew that killing and fighting wasn't everything. He went to the nest he made from moss and bird feathers. He layed down and thought to himself about what warriors were. He wondered how they lived and what they hunted for. Redpaw got up and looked around. He then he ran out of old home, running away from his old life, and making a new life to live. He traveled far and wide until he heard other cats yowling and meowing andhissing galore, and Redpaw was excited to finally see how warriors live. He padded broadly into the camp to see a huge tom padding toward him. "Who are you?" The big tom asked. "I'm Redpaw. I was a loner, and I was wondering what warriors live like." Redpaw meowed seriously. "Well, Redpaw, welcome to Lightningclan. I will be your leader, Birchstar. It is glad to have you here as an apprentice. Your mentor can be Thunderfang. He will teach you all about the warrior code. Thunderfang is the golden tabby tom with green eyes over there." Birchstar meowed and pointed to Thunderfang with his tail and urged Redpaw on to go see him.

Chapter Two

Redpaw ran to Thunderfang, his new mentor. Thunderfang saw Redpaw running towards him and unsheathed his claws as Redpaw stopped in front of him. "Who are you, and what do you want?" Thunderfang hissed. "Uh, I'm Redpaw. Birchstar said you were my new mentor, and you would teach me all about the warrior code!" Redpaw meowed. "Alright. If Birchstar said so, I will teach you." Thunderfang meowed and dipped his head. "Let's go train at the sunny hollow." Thunderfang meowed and led Redpaw to the sunny hollow to train.

Redpaw ran for the sunny hollow as fast as he could, speedy through the bracken and the trees like a beam of light. He slowed down the a stop as he reached a sandy hollow with smooth rocks to lay on in the sun and enough room to practice training. There was even bushes that had yellow flowers on them that shimmered in the sunlight. The smell of prey caught Redpaw's nose and his mouth water as he remembered the last time he had eaten. He was so hungry. I don't think Thunderfang would mind if I hunted for a little bit, Redpaw thought to himself. He dragged his tongue over his lips as he crouched down and followed the scent. But as he started to follow it, he could sense a cat behind him, just following him. Without looking, Redpaw turned with his claws unsheathed to slice fur off of a ginger cat's cheek. Redpaw looked up to see Thunderfang behind him with the scratch on his face. Redpaw thought he would be furious with him, but Thunderfang's eyes filled with pride. "How did you know I was behind you, and how do you know the hunting crouch?" Thunderfang asked. "I lived on my own and taught myself, and I know when someone is coming when I feel pawsteps hitting the ground. I thought you would be furious with me that I slashed your face." Redpaw meowed. "Of course I wouldn't! Your so skilled! Keep tracking that mouse if the scent is still fresh." Thunderfang urged and Redpaw followed the scent again until he reached a little way before a brown furry creature nibbling on a nut. Bingo! Redpaw thought as he put all his weight on his haunches and leaped, killing the mouse in a single scratch. Redpaw picked up the mouse and brought it back over to Thunderfang, who was laying down on one of the smooth rocks. Redpaw dropped his prey in front of Thunderfang. "Wow! Nice catch!" Thunderfang meoed, pulling himself up. "Wanna share it?" Thunderfang asked. "Sure." Redpaw meowed, trying not to show his relief in his voice. After they finished the mouse, Thunderfang led Redpaw back to the camp to see Birchstar. "Birchstar?" Thunderfang meowed. "Yes? Come in." Birchstar meowed greetingly as Redpaw and Thunderfang padded into his den. "So, how was training Thunderfang?" Birchstar asked. "Thunderfang looked down at Redpaw smiling, then looked back up at Birchstar. "Birchstar, Redpaw is ready to become a warrior already, and if you don't believe me, Redpaw will show you his moves." Thunderfang meowed, dipping his head. Birchstar narrowed his eyes, then looked at Redpaw. "Show me your moves." Birchstar meowed. "Okay." Redpaw meowed and the three padded out of Birchstar's den. Redpaw showed off all of his moves he had taught himself when he was a loner, and Birchstar was very impressed. Then , he looked at Thunderfang. "Your right, Thunderfang. He is ready to become a warrior." Birchstar meowed and nodded to Thunderfang.

Birchstar jumped on top of the high rock and called the clan for the ceremony. Redpaw was both proud and excited. He never new he would get this far so easily! But then he silenced his thoughts as Birchstar began to speak. "Cats of DarkClan! We are congradulating an apprentice who will be becoming a warrior today. His training was short, but he learned fast. Redpaw, please come over." Birchstar meowed as Redpaw padded to the high rock. "Redpaw, do you promise to live by the warrior code and efend your clan, even at the cost of your life?" Birchstar asked. "I do." Redpaw meowed. "Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your warrior name. Redpaw, you will now be known as Redclaw. Your clan honors you for your bravery and courage." Birchstar yowled. dipping his head. Redclaw respectfully lick his leader's shoulder as DarkClan called out his new nam, "Redclaw! Redclaw! Redclaw!". "You shall hold your vigile tonight, and Thunderfang will tell you what to do for a vigile." Birchstar meowed and padded back to his den. Thunderfang ran up to Redclaw to congradulate him. "Congrats, Redclaw! So, Birchstar said he wanted me to tell you what a vigile is." Thunderfang meowed. "Yes he did." Redclaw meowed. Thunderfang smiled and they walked around the camp as Thunderfang told him was a vigile is, just in time for Redclaw to start his. "Okay, go stand in your position. I will see you in the morning." Thunderfang whispered and ran towards the warrior's den. Redclaw padded up to the camp entrance to stand guard for his vigile.

It was silent and lonely out at the camp entrance for Redclaw. He wanted to be in the warrior's den, sleeping comfortably beside Thunderfang. But he had to follow the warrior code, and he promised StarClan he would, but he hoped the morning would come soon for him.

Redclaw look around the camp and saw it was getting brighter. Redclaw looked up at the sky to see it was almost morning, so he only had to wait for Thunderfang or another warrior to tell him he could sleep. But it took a while for at least one warrior to get up. It was silver she-cat with sparkling emerald green eyes. She looked up at him and smiled, and Redclaw smiled back. Maybe if I get to know her better, Redclaw thought, we could be friends. She padded up to him and told him he could sleep, but Redpaw stayed there and talked with her. "So, what's your name?" Redclaw asked. "I'm Silverwind. You've probably seen me before, like at your ceremony. But I already know who you are, Redclaw." Silverwind chuckled and nudged him in his shoulder and Redclaw laughed. We probably could be great friends, Redclaw thought.

Chapter Three

Redclaw and Silverwind spent a lot of time together, and most cats thought that they were already mates. But Redclaw knew that couldn't happen, no matter how much he tried to get a beautiful cat like Silverwind to be his mate. Plus, he was younger than her, so she probably wouldn't want to be his mate, anyway. Redclaw sighed, and Silverwind looked over at him with worried eyes, more worried than Redclaw had ever seen her before. "What's wrong, Redclaw? Do-do you not like hanging around with me?" Silverwind asked sadly. "Of course I do! Why wouldn't I want to be with you?" Redclaw blurted then they stopped. Silverwind looked at him with adoring eyes. "What did you say?" Silverwind purred. Redclaw looked at her, her emerald green eyes going through him like never before. He met her gaze with his red eyes and they sat there in the sunny hollow, adoring each other. Then finally, Silverwind blinked, and they both laughed with happiness. Redclaw was actually starting to think that Silverwind loved him, and he wanted to tell her that he loved her. Redclaw braced himself. "Silverwind, I have to ask you something." Redclaw meowed. Silverwind was over by a marigold stem. She turned around and padded up close to him, so close that he could breathe in her sweet scent. "Yes Redclaw?" She meowed. Redclaw thought if he should say it now or not. It was better than in the camp, because all the other cats would hear, but if he asked her now, she might say no, and not talk to him again, but he wanted to take the risk. "Silverwind, do you." Redclaw began. "Do I what?" Siulverwind purred in amusement." Do me?" Redclaw blurted and he quickly shut his mouth. Why did I say it? Why why why, Redclaw thought. Silverwind padded up to his ear and whispered so soft he could barely hear her. "Yes, I do, Redclaw. I've been waiting to ask you the same question ever since I first saw you.". Silverwind backed up a bit to the same positon she was in before. Redclaw thought he could die in her beautiful eyes, but there was still work to be done. They couldn't just come back from a hunting patrol empty handed. "Uhh, let's talk about this more in the camp. We better get some prey to bring back." Redclaw meowed. "Right. Let's get to it." Silverwind meowed. But before she left, she licked Redclaw's cheek, then she went into the forest.

Chapter Four

Redclaw padded with Silverwind back to the camp with their jaws filled with prey. He was having such a great time with Silverwind. They were starting to get really close to each other. When they got back, the camp looked deserted. Redclaw looked around for anybody, and then he saw a limp body in the middle of the clearing. He peered closer then his eyes filled with horror. He saw the familiar fur, the familiar eyes, the cat who taught him everything, laying there as limp as a stick. " Thunderfang! No!" Redclaw yowled and ran to his old mentor. Redclaw saw he was still breathing, but it was very shallow. "Thunderfang! What happened?" Redclaw meowed urgently." Thunderfang could barley lift his head, but he managed to turn and looked up at Redclaw. "Redclaw, you and Silverwind were gone to long. We got attack by........" Thunderfang began then his voice began to drown. "Thunderfang! Don't go! What attacked everyone?!" Redclaw sadly wailed. "Badgers......." Thunderfang's eyes grew wide as he remembered the creature's deadly black and white stripes, their long powerful claws, and their vicious teeth. "Do you know where everyone went?" Redclaw meowed. "Y-Yes. They went to The Great Lands." Thunderfang meowed faintly. Redclaw's eyes filled with wonder. "Where is The Great Lands?" He asked. "Its throught the back of our camp. Keep heading straight until you see huge, wide open feilds filled with dandilions. That was the only place safe enough from the badgers that they could still live at. It may sound like a great place to be at, but terrible storms and winds brew there every now and then. Redclaw, you and Silverwind must hurry to The Great Lands and back to Thunderclan. They think you two were captured and killed by badgers as well." Thunderfang cracked. "That's odd. We didn't see any badgers at all while we were hunting! They must have got into the camp by a far away spot in the forest." Silverwind meowed. "Yes, now, you must hurry and get to The Great Lands before Thunderclan goes mad!" Thunderfang meowed and his eyes began to close. "Wait! Thunderfang! Don't go! You have to come with us! We need to get you to the medicine cat fast! You will be there in no time!" Redclaw struggled to say, his throat was getting choked up as his grief swelled in his heart. "I'm sorry, Redclaw, I can't return. The medicine at can't do anything to keep me from dying now. Redclaw, you were my bravest apprentice, and I loved training with you. I will see you in Starclan when you are going to die. I will lead you up the Path of Stars to your rightful place in Starclan. For now, I will visit you in your dreams. Goodbye, Redclaw......" Thunderfang croaked and his eyes closed and his breathing stopped. Redclaw's eyes filled with tears and he pressed his nose to his mentor's side, feeling the warmth of his fur for the last time. "He is hunting with Starclan now. He was a great cat. He was my mentor, too." Silverwind sobbed and put her face into Redclaw's shoulder, and they both stood their with grief swelling their heats more than it ever has before. Redclaw looked at Silverwind. "We must do what he wants us to do. But before we head out, we must bury his body in the middle of the clearing so his spirit will stay with Thunderclan forever." Redclaw meowed sadly and Silverwind looked up at him and nodded. They buried Thunderfang in the middle of the clearing, said their final goodbyes, then set off towards the back of the camp, starting their journey to The Great Lands.

Chapter Five

Redclaw and Silverwind ran as fast as they could through the back of the forest to try to get to The Great Lands. They needed to bring Thunderclan back to the Thunderlan camp, so Thunderfang's spirit can say goodbye to them. They probably had no idea Thunderfang had died, but even if they were more heartbroken than Redclaw and Silverwind, they still had to tell them. "How far is The Great Lands from the Thunderclan camp?" Silverwind asked. "I don't know. But I think we are getting close, because I can feel some sprinkles on my fur already." Redclaw meowed. "Oh no, they'r having a storm there! We have to hurry!" Silverwind meowed and they ran faster and faster until they saw a clearing with wet, early dew leaves, and the sun shining in the sky. The grass was wet, as though the storm had just passed. Redclaw looked around to see huge fields and daffidiles roaming wherever they looked. "Well, this is the place. But where is everybody?" Redclaw meowed. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?" A growling voice spoke from a far distance. "Thunderclan? Are you here? We aren't dead! It's us, Silverwind and Redclaw!" Silverwind yowled to the voice, as if she knew where it was coming from. "Really? You guys aren't dead? Phew! We thought you were attacked by badgers!" The voice said and a sleek gray tabby tom came padding out and touched noses with Silverwind. I'm so glad your okay!" The cat meowed. "Stormfoot, you and Thunderclan left Thunderfang at the Thunderclan camp. He died there. We watched him die. He is buried in the middle of Thunderclan camp. He wants everyone to come back. He promises to protect everyone if the badgers come again!" Silverwind meowed. "Oh no, we left him behind! No!" Stormfoot layed down and put his face to his paws. "What have I done! I'm not good enouh to be deputy anymore!" Stormfoot wailed. "It's alright, Stormfoot. He wants everyone to be safe, and that's it. He wants everyone to come back to the camp, so he can say his goodbyes. He never got to say goodbye to everyone except us." Silverwind meowed, putting the tip of her tail on his shoulder. Stormfoot looked up, and his eyes grew wide. "As much as I want to say goodbye to Thunderfang, we can never go back there. I will never be able to convince Birchstar, even though Thunderfang was his son." Stormfoot sighed. "What? Why would Birchstar disagree to go and say bye to his own son?!" Redclaw meowed irritably. "Birchstar only wants his clan to be safe. He doesn't want to risk going back there and we get attacked by the badgers. It's not like he doesn't like his son!" Stormfoot spat. "Stop fighting you two! Redclaw, Stormfoot is right. It's not like he doesn't like his son. His protective character is more to his whole clan then his son. As for you, Stormfoot, as my brother, you need to be more loyal to my mate." Silverwind meowed. Stormfoot stared at Redclaw. "HE is your mate?" Stormfoot questioned.

Chapter Six

Redclaw stared at Silverwind, his eyes filled with love. Silverwind stared back at him, her eyes the same way. "Why are you mates with him?" Stormfoot spat. "Two things I need to tell you Stormfoot. One, his name is not him or he, his name is Redclaw. Two, I'm mates with him because I love him! You can't tell me who I should be mates with!." Silverwind spat. "Well, I thought you were in love with Darkpelt, but I guess you chose Redclaw instead. I'll just go tell Darkpelt that you've changed your mind about him being you mate." Stormfoot hissed then he padded off to a all black cat with piercing sky-blue eyes. "Oh no. Darkpelt is going to claw me to death!" Silverwind wailed. "Darkpelt? Is that the cat you loved before I came to Thunderclan?" Redclaw asked. "Yes. I was going to be his mate. We were thinking about it for a while, then you came to the clan. Then, I fell in love with you. I'd rather be your mate anyway because Darkpelt never does anything with me unless we are discussing about becoming mates. Can you hold him off for me, Redclaw?" Silverwind meowed shivering. "Ofcourse! I'd do anything to protect my mate!" Redclaw meowed and his eyes connected with Silverwind's and they stared at eachother for a while, then they saw Darkpelt padding over. "I'm glad I met you, Redclaw. I will love you forever!" Silverwind meowed and licked Redclaw's cheek. "I'll love you forever too, Silverwind. I'm so glad I found this clan." Redclaw meowed and licked Silverwind's cheek. Redclaw turned around to see Darkpelt up to him. "So, you must be Redclaw, huh?" Darkpelt growled. "Yes, what do you want?" Redclaw meowed. "Why are you mates with my love?" Darkpelt hissed. "I love her and she loves me! Duh!" Redclaw spat. "Silverwind, why are you with Redclaw instead of me?" Darkpelt questioned. "She doesn't want to be mates with you. You never do anything with her! I actually to things with her." Redclaw growled. "So, Silverwind told you, eh? Well, I don't see why she loves you better than me." Darkpelt spat and swung his paw towards Redclaw's face. Redclaw dodged it. "You don't need to fight for Silverwind! She is already my mate, and you can't do anything about it!" Redclaw yowled. "Oh yes I can! I'll just kill you, then I will be able to be Silverwind's mate!" Darkpelt hissed and lunged for Redclaw. Redclaw countered his attacked and pinned him to the ground. "You don't want to get me angry, Darkpelt, or you will regret even messing with me." Redclaw growled, his voice getting deeper. "Like you would hurt me enough to never mess with you again! I'd like to see you try!" Darkpelt growled and glared at him. Redclaw's eyes glowed and his pupils vanished. His eyes were all blood red with no pupils, the eyes filled with flame of fury. "It was your choice to keep me calm, but now your in a world of hurt!" Redclaw yowled and he sliced across Darkpelt's chest, leaving huge, deep scars. Darkpelt yowled in pain as he tried to throw Redclaw off, but Redclaw stayed in the same position, raking Darkpelt with his huge, sharp claws. After Redclaw felt satisfied with himself, he jumped off Darkpelt, and Darkpelt ran away as fast as he could. Redclaw's eyes turned back to normal, and his pupils apeared in his eyes again. "That should teach him." Redclaw hissed. He looked over at Silverwind, and she was over hiding in a bush, watching him. "How did you do that?" Silverwind gasped. "Whenever someone gets me angry, I go out of control." Redclaw meowed and padded over to her. Silverwind ran for him and licked his face all over. "Thank you for saving me." She purred. "I will save you for anything, my love." Redclaw purred and licked Silverwind's cheek. "Even though I hate him, I hope Darkpelt is going to be okay. I saw him run straight for the medicine cat's den. You made him get more scared then he ever will!" Silverwind purred. "He wanted to fight me for you. I wouldn't have hurt him if he hadn't slashed at me!" Redclaw purred back. "Redclaw! I need to see you!" A voice yowled. It was Birchstar. "Redclaw, why did you almost kill one of my warriors?" Birchstar questioned. Redclaw looked at Silverwind unsteadily. What was he going to tell Birchstar?

Chapter Seven

Redclaw looked at Birchstar, his eyes unsteady. "Well?" Birchstar ordered. "Darkpelt started the fight, and I kept telling him to stop fighting me, but he refused and kept attacking me, so I had to fight back. Then he got me really angry, so he deserved payback." Redclaw meowed. "Why did he attack you?" Birchstar asked, getting calmer about the situation. "Well, I'm mates with Silverwind, but Darkpelt wanted to be mates with her. Silverwind didn't like him at all anymore, then when he found out I was Silverwind's mate, he wanted to kill me, so he could be Silverwind's mate. That's what the fight was about. I don't know why Darkpelt started the whole thing, because he can find someone else." Redclaw meowed. "Okay, I understand you story, and I take you side, but your still going to have punishment for almost killing him. I will give him punishment as well, when he feels better. But I must ask, how did Darkpelt find out that you and Silverwind were mates?" Birchstar asked. "Stormfoot told him, then Darkfoot cam over to fight me." Redclaw meowed. "Okay, come to my den. I will be there shortly with Darkpelt and Stormfoot." Birchstar ordered and padded off to find them. Silverwind looked at Redclaw." Should I come with you?" She asked. "I don't think so. He is going to give us punishement, and I don't want you to get in the middle of it and you get punishment too. But you could come if you want." Redclaw sighed and padded to Birchstar's den. Silverwind watched him go, her eyes filled with sorrow for him. Even though he almost killed Darkpelt, why should he get punishment? He was only defending himself, Silverwind thought, and she padded towards Birchstar's den when she saw Birchstar, Darkpelt, and Stormfoot go into his den. "I'm ashamed of all of you. Stormfoot, you actually started it all by telling Darkpelt Redclaw and Silverwind were mates. Darkpelt, one of my most loyal warriors, attacks one of my strongest warriors over Silverwind, a cat who doesn't even love you anymore, and Redclaw, I know you were only defending yourself, but it went way too far. I must give all of you punishment for what you three did here today. Stormfoot, you will go pick the ticks off of the elders. Darkpelt, you will go attend to the medicine cat and get whatever she needs. Redclaw, you will go fetch new bedding for the nursery. Now, you three are dismissed. Start your jobs imidiantly." Birchstar ordered and the three cats padded out of Birchstar's den. Redclaw saw Silverwind, smiled, then padded out of The Great Lands to go get new bedding. Silverwind watched him go with clouded eyes. Birchstar padded out of his den and sat next to Silverwind. "I know it's bad for me to make him do apprentice work, but it was the lowest punishment I could give him. I know he was only trying to defend himself." Birchstar meowed and looked at Silverwind with caring eyes. Silverwind looked up at him, he eyes clouded with grief. "Father, I have terrible news." Silverwind choked up."What is it?" Birchstar meowed. "Thunderfang, is dead, and buried in the middle of Thunderclan camp." Silverwind sniffled and Birchstar's eyes grew wide with sadness. "How is he dead?" Birchstar choked. "Thunderclan left him in the Thunderclan camp and he died. He wished he was able to say goodbye to you and the rest of the clan." Silverwind meowed. She pressed her muzzle into his chest and sobbed. "You and your brother are the only two I have left, my beautiful daughter. I will protect you both with my life." Birchstar whispered in her ear and he put his nose on the top of her head and closed his eyes.

Chapter Eight

Redclaw padded back into The Great Lands with a mouthful of bedding. He padded to the nursery and switched out the bedding for them. He quickly buried the old moss and padded to Birchstar's den, where he saw Birchstar and Silverwind sitting there together. He padded over to them. "I finished getting the bedding, Birchstar." Redclaw whispered and started to pad away. "Wait, Redclaw." Birchstar meowed, his eyes still closed. "You are my new son. I don't want you to die like Thunderfang did. I want you to know that I am proud to have you as my son. Silverwind, go off with Redclaw. I need to have some time alone to speak with Thunderfang." Birchstar meowed and lifted his head. Silverwind licked Birchstar's cheek then padded away with Redclaw as Birchstar padded back in his den. "I understand how terrible the news is for your father, our father." Redclaw purred and licked Silverwind's cheek. "I want my father to have family in his life even more now that I've seen how much of a reck he is, now that I've told him Thunderfang was killed. There is only one way to keep family with him." Silverwind meowed to Redclaw, wondering if he would like the idea. "How?" Redclaw asked, thinking he knew what she wanted to do."The only way to keep family with him, even when we die, is if we have kits. He'll have grandkits." Silverwind purred, licking Redclaw's cheek. "I've always wondered what our kits would look like if we did have kits." Redclaw meowed agreeingly. "So, what do you say? Should we have kits?" Silverwind asked him hopefully. Redclaw thought for a moment, and started to like the idea. "Yes, we should." Redclaw meowed happily and Silverwind snuggled up close to him, connecting her tail to his. They padded around The Great Land together, having fun and loving eachother. After a while, they padded back to camp and went to the warriors cave to go to sleep. Goodnight, Redclaw." Silverwind whispered and licked Redclaw's cheek. "Goodnight, Silverwind." Redclaw purred and curled up beside her.In Redclaw's dream, he was in the Thunderclan camp, with everyone there again, talking and playing and having a good time, then, he saw the badgers come in and attack the Thunderclan cats. Then, he saw Thunderfangs limp body in the middle of the camp, motionless and dead. He saw Thunderfang's spirit float to him, and touch noses to his. Redclaw closed his eyes, then woke in the warrior's cave, feeling prodding on his stomach. "Redclaw, wake up!" A familiar voice meowed. "Silverwind?" Redclaw meowed sleepily. "Yes, Redclaw. I'm here." Silverwind meowed and licked his cheek. Redclaw got up and stretched is cramped bones, then he licked Silverwind's cheek and padded out of the warrior's cave with her. He looked around and saw two pairs of eyes glaring at him. "You!" A voice hissed. Redclaw remembered the piercing light-blue eyes from yesterday and unsheathed his claws. "What do you want, Darkpelt?" Redclaw growled. "I WILL kill you for Silverwind's heart, and you can't stop me!" Darkpelt yowled and leaped towards Redclaw, with Stormfoot leaping behind him. "Go tell Birchstar to come over here. There's trouble." Redclaw whispered in Silverwind's ear and she ran off to Birchstar's den. "You thought you could get me away from you and Silverwind after that little fight?" Darkpelt challenged. Just as Redclaw was going to make a remark, Birchstar and Silverwind came running for them. "Darkpelt and Stormfoot! I can't believe you two!" Birchstar growled with fury. "Birchstar! It's not what you think!" Darkpelt explained. "Darkpelt and Stormfoot, you are banned from Thunderclan territory. You will live your lives as rogues for the rest of your lives!" Birchstar yowled. "Father, don't do this!" Stormfoot yowled. "That's an order! Now get out of my territory you traitors!" Birchstar yowled and chased them out of The Great Lands.

Chapter Nine

Redclaw watched them go as his eyes filled with both relief and fear. He could never go out of The Great Lands again, because they might find him and attack him. He pushed the thoughts the two cats away from his mind and looked at Slverwind. "I can't believe my own brother is banned from the clan. Darkpelt should have been banned, not Stormfoot! But, I can't argue with my leader, my father, because it's his choice, and his choice only. I just hope that Stormfoot will be okay, and he stays as far away from Darkpelt as possible." Silverwind sighed. "Even though I don't like your brother much, I feel the same way for him." Redclaw agreed. "I don't want Stormfoot and Darkpelt to gang up on Thunderclan, and find other rogues, then attack us!" Silverwind meowed, then licked Redclaw's cheek. "No matter what happens, we'll be in it together, and I'll risk my life for you any day." Redclaw purred and rested his muzzle on Silverwind's. "What are we going to do now?" Silverwind asked. "Well, I'm going to go get more prey, you need to relax." Redclaw purred and licked Silverwind's cheek, then he ran to the entrance of The Great Lands. He saw Birchstar come in once he reached there. "Hello, Birchstar. I'm going to go hunt." Redclaw meowed. "Alright, but be very cautious. Stormfoot and Darkpelt are still out there, and they will do anything to get their claws on you." Birchstar warned. "I'll watch out for them. I promise." Redclaw assured and pressed his muzzle to Birchstar's side. "Now, go get us some more prey, my brave warrior." Birchstar meowed and Redclaw went off into the forest. Redclaw sniffed the air for any prey, then he smelt mice. He prowled and followed the scent to a bush and he waited for a while, until he heard russling in the bush. Redclaw braced himslef, then leaped into the bush, feelin his claws sink into flesh. He heard a yowl of pain, then he was thrown out of the bush. Redclaw hit the ground with a loud THUMP. Redclaw lifted himself up and his fur prickled as he saw yellow eyes staring at him from inside of the bush. "Why are you here, and why did you attack me?" The cat questioned. "Stormfoot? Is that you?" Redclaw dared to ask. "Who is Stormfoot?" The cat asked. The cat padded out. It was actually a dark orange tom with light orange stripes and a yellow paw. "Whoops, I've mistaken you for someone else. I'm sorry." Redclaw meowed. "It's okay. I know why you leaped into the bush. I always disguised my scent with the bushes and trees. You smelt my prey that I caught. You can have it if you like." The cat offered. "No thanks, I'll let you have your prey. You caught it." Redclaw meowed. "Thank you. You are a very generous cat." The cat thanked. "You never told me your name." Redclaw meowed. "I'm Sunfoot. What's yours?" Sunfoot meowed. "I'm Redclaw, of Thunderclan. What clan are you in?" Redclaw asked. "Oh, I'm not in a clan. But I used to be in Riverclan. I ran away because thay all said I should've never become a warrior yet." Sunfoot meowed sadly. "Birchstar might let you live in Thunderclan, if you want." Redclaw offered. "Where is he?" Sunfoot meowed. "I'll show you. Follow me." Redclaw meowed and he lead Sunfoot to Birchstar in The Great Lands. Redclaw showed Sunfoot to Birchstar's den. "Birchstar? I have someone for you." Redclaw meowed. "Who?" Birchstar asked. "His name is Sunfoot. I found him out while I was hunting. He ran away from Riverclan, and he wanted to ask you if he could join Thunderclan." Redclaw explained. "Hmm, let me speak to him in private, Redclaw. Thank you for bringing him to me." Birchstar meowed and Redclaw padded away from Birchstar's den. He looked around for Silverwind, but he couldn't see her anywhere. "Silverwind? Silverwind!" Redclaw yowled, but there was no reply. Redclaw paniced. "Silverwind, where are you?" Redclaw wailed.

Chapter Ten

Redclaw ran through The Great Landssearching everywhere. He checked the warrior's cave, the apprentice's cave, the medicine cat's den, Birchstar's den, the elder's den, and even outside of The Great Lands. She was nowhere to be found, until Redclaw thought of the last place he didn't look, the nursery. Redclaw ran to the nursery, hoping that was the place Silverwind was at. He got to the nursery and peeked inside. He saw the familiar silver fur and green eyes all curled up in a bed of moss in the nursery. He saw her stomach was plumper than usual, and his eyes swelled with pride. She is going to have kits soon, Redclaw thought. Redclaw didn't want to disturb Silverwind in the nursery, or get her too wound up, so he slowly padded out of the nursery. He walked all around camp, looking for something to do, when he saw Sunfoot pad out of Birchstar's den. Redclaw could just hear Sunfoot when he said,"Thank you so much, Birchstar! I will be loyal to you no matter what!." Redclaw ran over to him. "So, your in the clan?" He asked. "Yep! I'm a new warrior of Thunderclan!" Sunfoot yowled happily. Just then, Redclaw remembered something. Since Stormfoot was the deputy of Thunderclan, and he was banned from the clan, that ment that there wasn't a deputy for Thunderclan. Redclaw hurried to Birchstar's den. "Birchstar! Birchstar! There is something important I need to tell you!" Redclaw yowled as he ran for his den. "What is it, Redclaw?" Birchstar meowed, padding out of his den. Redclaw stopped dead short in front of Birchstar and panted. "Birchstar, you need to choose the next deputy for Thunderclan!" Redclaw urged. "Oh no, I almost forgot! Thank you for reminding me, Redclaw. Now, I need to think who is loyal enough to be my deputy." Birchstar meowed. Redclaw knew why he said that. Since he banned his old deputy, his own son, from Thunderclan, he needed to choose more carefully for his new deputy. "I know who should be deputy! Redclaw, do you know Jetfire?" Birchstar asked. "Um, no I don't." Redclaw meowed. "Well, he is a brown tom with jet black paws, tail, and ears, with dark blue eyes. Could you go find him for me?" Birchstar asked. "Okay." Redclaw meowed and he went off to search for Jetfire. Then, he saw the exact cat Birchstar described coming into the entrance of The Great Lands. "Jetfire! Jetfire!" Redclaw yowled and ran for him. Jetfire looked up and his eyes looked confused. "Yes? Who are you?" Jetfire asked. "I'm Redclaw." Redclaw meowed. "Oh, I've heard of you, Redclaw. So, what's up?" Jetfire asked. "Birchstar needs you immediantly. It's very important." Redclaw meowed. "Okay, I'll be there. Thank you for telling me." Jetfire meowed and ran for Birchstar's den. Redclaw yawned sleepily. He looked up at the sky and saw it was getting dark. Redclaw padded over to the warrior's cave and curled up to sleep......... Redclaw woke up in a big misty place, and smelt the familiar smell of a former warrior he used to know. "Thunderfang? Are you there?" Redclaw meowed. "Yes, Redclaw. I'm here." A voice meowed. Thunderfang apeared out of the mist and padded up to touch noses with his apprentice,"Redclaw, there will be a great miracle happening for Thunderclan, but one mirrical will turn into a nightmare. It deals with you and Silverwind. You need to be ready for it" Thunderfang warned. "I'll be ready for anything, Thunderfang." Redclaw assured him, then Thunderfang began to disapear, and Redclaw was left alone in the mistified land.....

The Rise of Redpaw/Part Two!!!!!!!!

There is a The Rise of Redpaw/Part Two! Here is the link:The Rise Of Redpaw/Part Two

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