Hiddenpaw and Summitpaw were sitting on top of the great hill that overlooked the Riverclan camp. Summitpaw took a deep breath and sighed. What if she doesn't like me? What if I'm taking too big of a risk confessing to her? That's it! Summitpaw came upon a great idea. "Hey Hiddenpaw, do you want to play the questions game?" "How do you play?" Hiddenpaw asked, her voice thick with bewilderment. "See, you ask each other questions and the person who the question is for has to answer it truthfully" Summitpaw explained. "Sure! That sounds fun" Hiddenpaw exclaimed. "Ok, for your first question, have you ever tasted mousebile?" Summitpaw said with a smirk. Hiddenpaw let out a small mrrow of laughter and answered "Yep, when I was checking the elders, I started washing my paws and I forgot that I had the bile on them. The taste stayed for days," Hiddenpaw laughed, "Ok, for your question..."

The moon was a full white disc that shined silver on the forest. Hiddenpaw yawned with exaustion, but her eyes shown with endless energy. "The last time I lost a tooth is when I tripped and crashed head first into a beech tree three moons ago" Summitpaw confessed. Hiddenpaw yawned again. "One last question, I'm tired" Summitpaw shook, this was the moment of truth. "Hiddenpaw, do you love me?" Hiddenpaw's expression hadn't changed. "Yes," she replied simply, "Yes I do"

The End

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