Clan Cats

Silverstar- a silver tabby she-cat with gorgous blue eyes Petalstar- a pinkish gray she-cat with pink eyes

Havenswing- a brown tom with amber eyes

Harespring- a brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Honeyfern- a completely yellow she-cat with brown spots and green eyes

Violetfur- a light gray tabby she-cat with calm blue eyes

Poolcloud- a dark gray she-cat

Webfoot- a dark tabby tom with a white chest


Rat- a huge, hairless, ugly, cat with no sight

Opal- a small tiny white she-cat

Bruise- a redish, brown, purple tom with many, many injuries

Tigerstar- a large musuclar tabby tom with huge scar across his flank and nose.

Dawns Light

"But, I still dont understand, Honeyfern!" whined Silverstar her eyes swelling with tears. "Im a failure! RiverClan will die! I dont-" wailed the silver leader, and Honeyfern quickly smacked her tail over her muzzle as two kits slid into her den. The warriors gave them a stern glare, which sent them tail between their legs to the Nursery. "T-T-Tigerstar is here, he w-wants to see you. Both." said Violetfur glanced at Honeyfern sorrow in her eyes. As the three she-cats stepped out of the den, Silverstar about turned tail and fled, but Violetfur and Honeyfern held her stiffly. "Honeyfern, how gorgous you look!" Tigerstar began his tail lashing once. Honeyfern returned his stare "I am just fine without you Tigerstar, I know how you liked my mother- but you killed her!" she snarled eyes flaring and fur bristling. "I still cant believe you havent gotten over that," he lept down off the small rock he was resting on and crept over to her, pacing around the angery she-cat. "We can have a life together- me and you. You are just like her, green eyes like ferns, playful like a kit, and golden like a star..." he cooed. She felt interested for a moment intill she snapped baring her teeth. Silverstar stepped behind her friend "I am a cowerd, but not when it comes to my friends, my Clan, or my family!" she growled as her Clan stepped up behind her building up as if they were a strong force. He quivered "You win- but Honeyfern, you think about it." he hissed touching his nose with hers for a heartbeat, then fleeing with his group of rouges flowing behind him. Goodbye, goodbye... thought the golden she-cat waving her tail slowly then turning and heading back to her den.

The Violet Flower

to be countinued...

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