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Chapter 1

"You''re disbanding the team?" Earthtail asked.

"I am." Brookstar said.

I didn't know whether to feel relieved or sad. I'd been becoming great friends with my other teammates. But at the same time, this whole business had been making me miserable, tired, and frankly very stressed out.

"You may leave." Brookstar said. And so we did.

Chapter 2

It was a sunrise until Bigtail was to leave for the Moongrass. The whole Clan was anxious, fearing another cat was going to die, but none had so far. It was that day when Silkface approached me. "Don't you think we should still be investigating the murders?" He asked me.

"No." I said.

"But..." He began.

"Silkface, I can't take looking for clues anymore! I can't take questioning cats anymore! I'm done with this!" And with that, I stormed off.

Chapter 3

I was napping when Silkface woke me up.

"Lilyrose, something's wrong! The cats are all out in the forest having a hunting contest!"

"And?" I grumbled.

"And it would be a perfect oppurtunity to sneak off and do something!" Silkface said.

"Like...?" I asked.

"Like kill the cat who was about to find out something big!"

I immediately got what Silkface was saying. The murderous cat would sneak out and kill Bigtail while the Clan was all out in the forest.

Silkface and I bolted off toward the Moongrass. That was when we saw him.

Bigtail was lying on the ground, his legs bound by cobwebs, his mouth stuffed with herbs.

He'd been killed.

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