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Chapter 1

The Clan was already mourning for Browntail. The Murder Team was up in the tree he'd been hanging from, looking for more clues. We were getting no where. Whoever this killer was, they were good. They would be extremely hard to catch. Earthtail was asking cats if they'd seen anything, Lambheart, along with our medicine cat Bigtail, were inspecting cats for cobwebs, and Goldenfoot, Silkface, and I were looking for evidence in the tree.

"We're never going to catch this cat, are we?" I asked.

"Don't talk like that." Goldenfoot said. "This cat won't get away with it. And anyway, when Bigtail goes to the Moongrass to talk to StarClan, he can ask them about this."

"Good point." I said.

"Now come on, let's look for clues." Silkface said. He and I were starting to really like each other. We'd likely become mates soon.

For awhile, we inspected the entire tree, but we found nothing. Giving up, we went to the den and slept.

Chapter 2

In the morning, we continued our usual routine. Ask questions, look for clues, and things like that. That was when I'd had it. "I'M DONE!" I shouted, and I stormed off, feeling angry. Angry at myself, and angry at the killer, and angry at everything.

It was really starting to look like we were never going to catch this killer.

Later, I went in to the den to take a nap. That was when I had the dream.

I saw my mother, Tenderfoot, approaching me. My mother had died giving birth to me. My father had raised me.

"Hi, darling." She said.

"Mom..." I said.

"Don't give up. Your Clan needs you." And with that, the dream was over.

Chapter 3

Brookstar called a meeting later with the Murder Team.

"How's the investigation going?" She asked.

"Not well." Goldenfoot admitted.

"That's what I was afraid of," Brookstar said, "and that's why I'm doing this. You cats are under way too much stress. Clearly, these murders are ruining not only our Clan, but the five of you. Bigtail is going to the Moongrass soon. He will get answers there. Therefore, I'm officially disbanding the Murder Team."

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