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I looked at the horrifying scene in front of me. This was the third cat this moon. What's happening to my Clan?

The smell of rotting flesh was in the air. Blood was all over the forest floor. But I'm ahead of myself. I need to explain what's happened so far.

It all started like this.


Chapter 1

It was a quiet day. Nothing much had happened. Suddenly, a cat screamed. I, along with everyone else in ShineClan, ran out into the clearing of our camp.

Near one of the bushes outlining our camp, Shiningfoot, a young tortoiseshell, looked horrified. The Clan leader, Brookstar, a tabby she-cat, went under the bush and pulled something out. When the mutilated body of a cat was pulled out, everyone in the Clan gasped. It was Whiteleg, one of our Clan warriors. I'd never seen anything like it; his eyes were ripped out, his throat was slashed open everywhere with blood coating his neck, and dried blood coated his whole body.

"We need to find out who did this," Brookstar said, "immediately. This is the most gruesome way to kill a cat I've ever seen."

Chapter 2

The Clan was immediately looking into what had happened. Whiteleg was an extremely respected and tough warrior, which puzzled the Clan, because it would have been hard to kill him.

I myself didn't know him that well, but I still wanted to help.

"Lilyrose, will you come here?" Silkface asked me. The black and white warrior seemed to like me a lot, which excited me, because I liked him back. I'll admit, being a tortoiseshell makes me confident with toms, because I know I have a beautiful pelt.

I followed Silkface to the camp entrance. From there, he led me over to a patch of bloody grass. "I think this is where Whiteleg was murdered." Silkface said. "Look at the way the blood's everywhere. If we're lucky, we might find something that could lead us to the killer, like claw marks or hair. Speaking of hair, I'm sure the medicine cat will be checking Whiteleg's claws for the killer's hair."

I nodded simply as Silkface went on about how the killer might be caught.

Chapter 3

By the end of the day, everybody was exhausted, and we still had no idea who could have possibly killed Whiteleg. As far as everyone in the Clan knew, nobody had an agenda against Whiteleg.

I myself was quite tired. Silkface and I had been trying to find out who the killer was all day.

I padded over to the tom, and we started sharing tongues. "Do you think we'll catch the cat who killed Whiteleg?" I asked him.

"...Yeah." He said. "I think we will."

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