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Chapter 1

Already the Clan was panicking. Our medicine cat had been killed. Our plan to find the killer had failed, because the one cat who was going to get answers had been killed. The Murder Team had been reassembled. The entire Clan gathered in front of Brookstar's den to hear what she had to say.

"Until we can find out who the killer is," Brookstar was saying, "all cats are being submitted to inspection. Until you've been cleared, you are not to leave this camp. Any cat that leaves uncleared will suffer the consequences. We're taking this very, very seriously now."

Lambheart, Earthtail, and Rainshine, a she-cat who had already been cleared, were guarding any possible exits from the camp. All of the cats who were uncleared were sleeping in the warriors' den. The rest were sleeping elsewhere. After awhile, it all came down to about seven cats, all warriors, who hadn't been cleared. I knew that one of these cats was the killer. And that one of the cats left was Graywater, my father.

Chapter 2

FlashClan and HollyClan's medicine cats were helping out where they were needed. They were greatly sorry for Bigtail's death. I wasn't worried about that, however. I was worried about my father. I was worried about him being cleared. But suddenly, that was over when he walked out of the den, smiling. "I'm cleared." He said.

Later, it was down to two cats. Both were starting to become edgy. That was when Goldenfoot marched out of the nursery holding with Shiningfoot.

"Have the patrols gone out yet?" Goldenfoot demanded.

"Yeah..." I said.

Goldenfoot let out a growl.

"Shiningfoot here's an accomplice. She found the first body on purpose, in order to throw the Clan into turmoil. And what's worse, she just told me that she cleared the killer, who's probably out in the forest now."

I immediately thought of all the cats Shiningfoot had cleared.

There was only one.

My father.

Chapter 3

"Did you see who Graywater went out on patrol with?" Goldenfoot asked.

"I think it was..." Suddenly, my heart hurt as I remembered.

"He went out with Silkface."

"Then we need to find them before he kills Silkface."

Immediately, we were out in the forest, and before long, most of the other cats had joined our search. So far, we'd had no luck finding Silkface or my father.

That was when I picked up Graywater's scent.

I sniffed the ground, following it. It was taking me away from our territory.

And then I lost the scent.

With a sigh, I plopped down on the ground.

My father was gone, and he had Silkface with him.

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