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Chapter 1

Silkface and I had still found nothing. The day before, Brookstar had made up a team of cats who would solve the murder. The team was led by our deputy, Goldenfoot, a large black tom with orange paws, his mate Lambheart, a small white she-cat, Earthtail, a brown tom with a darker brown tail, and of course, Silkface and I.

Silkface and I were currently searching the scene of the murder for any clues as to who the killer may be. We had found absolutely nothing. Silkface was looking under a bush, while I inspected the dried blood for evidence.

"Hey Lilyrose!" He said. "I think I found something!"

I padded over to him to look at what he'd found.

It was yellow fur.

In the entire forest, there was only one cat with yellow fur, and that was FlashClan warrior Sunheart.

Chapter 2

The newly named "Murder Team" left the camp. We were going to FlashClan territory to investigate the lead we had found. FlashClan's territory was on an island, but there was a Twoleg path that led to it. We slowly crossed over into their territory. We immediately were met by a FlashClan patrol. When we explained to them that we needed to talk to Sunheart and why, they reluctantly escorted us into their camp.

"Where were you that night?" I asked.

"I was here." Sunheart said.

"But Sunheart," Lambheart said, "do you know how easy it is for a cat to sneak out? You'll have to do better than that if you want to convince Lilyrose and I that you didn't kill Whiteleg."

Sunheart sighed, then turned to show us a wound in his side, where there was missing fur. "About two sunrises ago, I was attacked while on the dawn patrol. The cat, who I suspected was a rogue, took the fur he ripped off my pelt. So instead of questioning me, look for him."

Chapter 3

The FlashClan patrol led us back to our camp, where we discussed what we'd learned with Brookstar.

"And now I have to share something with you." Brookstar said. "A little less than a moon ago, Whiteleg had told me that he'd felt like he was being watched. If someone was after him, they would have killed him while he was guarding the Clan at night. But how could they have known that it was his night to sit vigil?"

Now the Murder Team was silent. I didn't understand why, so I asked "How could they have known?"

Goldenfoot turned and responded. "They would have had to be in our Clan to know that Whiteleg was sitting vigil."

I was just looking shocked when a wail sounded from outside. Brookstar and the Murder Team rushed outside.

Hanging by a thick string of web from a tree was Browntail, one of our elders. He was dead.

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