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Leader~ Pantherstar all black she-cat 7 lives

Apprentice Ivypaw

Co Leader~ Dovestar all white she-cat 3 lives

Deputy~ Stoneclaw all gray tom cat mate Ravensong

Co Deputy~ Icemask silver she-cat

apprentice Battlepaw

Medicine cat~ Lightningstripe yellow she-cat.


Russetstorm ginger she-cat green eyes

Ashwhisker dark gray tom cat blue eyes

Brackenstorm brown tabby she-cat, with black stripes brother to Ravenshadow

Apprentice Thornpaw

Rosefoot all black she-cat

Apprentice Mousepaw

Crystalfoot all white she-cat sister to Dapplefoot

Dapplefoot calico she-cat sister to Crystalfoot

Ravenshadow all black she-cat ice blue eyes sister to Brackenstorm

Apprentice Sunpaw

Splashfur all white tom cat.

Blacksoul brown tabby tom with black stripes.


Battlepaw dark brown tom cat.

Mousepaw gray and white tom cat brother to Sunpaw

Sunpaw orange she-cat sister to Mousepaw

Ivypaw calico tom cat.


Ravensong black and white she-cat mate Stoneclaw


Applekit light brown she-cat. Mother~Ravensong

Dustkit dark brown tom cat. Mother~Ravensong


Leader~Hazelstar cream colored she-cat 9 lives

Co leader~Lightstar tan tom cat 2 lives

Deputy~Silverflight silver colored she-cat.

Apprentice Owlpaw

Co Deputy~Snowflight all white she-cat.

Apprentice Hawkpaw.

Medicine cat~ Hollowberry white and brown she-cat.


Cougarclaw tan tom cat green eyes.

Silverdapple silver colored she-cat with dappled spots.

Apprentice Funnelpaw

Bluewing blue gray tom cat, white paws.

Blackfang all black tom cat.

Apprentice Snowpaw

Blackflame all black she-cat sister to Flamewing

Flamewing all orange she-cat sister to Blackflame

Nightflame black and orange tom cat mate to Faithsong

Apprentice Autummpaw

Aurorasong all white she-cat ice blue eyes.

Bramblefoot tabby tom cat mate to Snowfleck

Flaresong all orange tom cat.


Owlpaw tabby she-cat sister to Hawkpaw

Hawkpaw ruby colored tom cat brother to Owlpaw

Funnelpaw light gray tom cat.

Autummpaw calico she-cat.


Faithsong light gray she-cat mate to Nightflame

Snowfleck all white she-cat with gray spots Mate to Bramblefoot


Goldenkit all golden tom cat.~Mother Faithsong

Silverkit all silver she-cat.~Mother Faithsong

Blackkit all black tom cat~Mother Snowfleck


Leader~Redstar calico tom cat. 4 lives

Apprentice Nightpaw

Co Leader~ Swiftstar black and white tom cat. 2 lives

Apprentice Darkpaw

Deputy~Dewbreeze tabby she-cat white paws.

Co Deputy~ Blackpanther all black tom cat.

Medicine cat~ Ironclaw all gray tom cat.


Moongaze gray and white tom cat blue eyes.

Appentice Hazlepaw.

Whitestripe white tom with brown stripes.

Frozengaze all white she-cat.

Nightwolf all black she-cat.

Ravenmoon white she-cat with white stripes.

Northernlight tan tom cat mate Snowynight

Apprentice Frostpaw

Snowynight all white she-cat sister to Desertsky mate Northernlight

Desertsky orange tom cat brother to Snowynight

Lightbeam light white tom cat mate Echosong

Tigermask tabby tom cat.

Apprentice Silverpaw

Honeydew calico she-cat sister to Leafpatch

Leafpatch calico with black paws she-cat siter to Honeydew

apprentice Feralpaw.


Nightpaw all black she-cat sister to Darkpaw

Darkpaw all black tom cat brother to Nightpaw

Hazlepaw cream colored she-cat.

Frostpaw gray and white she-cat sister to Silverpaw

Silverpaw silver tom cat brother to Frostpaw

Feralpaw tabby tom cat.


Echosong light gray she-cat green eyes mate Lightbeam


Cinderkit all gray she-cat mother~Echosong

Poppykit calico she-cat mother~Echosong


Leader~Veilstar tabby tom with green eyes. 6 lives mate Dragonscale

Co leader~Acidstar long-haired black she-cat. 3 lives

Deputy~ Nightfang all black and white tom cat mate Winterstorm

Apprentice Demonpaw

Co deputy~Whiteshiver silver gray tom cat.

Medicine cat~ Darkcloud all black she-cat white eyes.

Apprentice Corepaw.


Muteilationclaw silver tabby tom cat orange eyes.

Blackhawk all black tom cat brother to Coalfoot

Earthfang tabby she-cat.

Apprentice Honeypaw

Coalfoot all black tom cat brother to Blackhawk

Apprentice Cursepaw

Pouncefoot black and white she-cat sister to Pebblefang

Apprentice Darkpaw

Pebblefang gray tom cat mate Birdfeather brother to Pouncefoot

Apprentice Robinpaw

Nightheart all black she-cat.

Apprentice Chaospaw

Foxsun orange and white tom cat.

Dreamwalker all white she-cat.

Apprentice Pepperpaw


Demonpaw all black tom cat brother to Cursepaw, Demonpaw, Darkpaw

Corepaw brown tom cat brother to Cursepaw, Demonpaw, Darkpaw

Honeypaw calico she-cat sister to Robinpaw, Pepperpaw

Cursepaw black and white tom cat brother to Demonpaw, Darkpaw, Corepaw

Darkpaw all black tom cat brother to Cursepaw, Demonpaw, Corepaw

Robinpaw light tabby she-cat sister to Honeypaw, Pepperpaw

Pepperpaw pepper colored she-cat sister to Robinpaw, Honeypaw


Birdfeather tabby she-cat mate Pebblefang

Winterstorm all white she-cat mate Nightfang

Dragonscale calico she-cat mate Veilstar


Snowkit all white she-cat mother~Winterstorm

Dragonkit black tom cat mother~Winterstorm

Crykit tabby she-cat mother~Birdfeather

Valleykit tan tom cat mother~Birdfeather

Mockkit white tom cat mother~Dragonscale


Leader~ Galaxystar silver tom cat white paws. 5 lives

Co leader~ Cometstar mable bengal tom cat. 1 life mate Emberblaze

Deputy~ Nightmoon gray tom cat.

co Deputy~ Bloodrose orange and white she-cat.

Apprentice Funnelpaw.

Medicine cat~Spottedsun calico she-cat.


Windpelt light white she-cat.

Apprentice Saberpaw

Daggerclaw black and white tom cat.

Nightcry black she-cat.

Apprentice Timberpaw

Nightfrost yellow tom cat with black ears.

Apprentice Dragonpaw

Nightear gray she-cat sister to Darkcry

Apprentice Tearpaw.

Darkcry all black tom cat brother to Nightear

Apprentice Blackpaw

Desertwind orange she-cat.

Apprentice Brightpaw

Phantomsoul gray tom cat.

Apprentice Hazepaw

Ghostfang light gray tom cat.

Falconfeather tabby she-cat sister to Hawkflight

Hawkflight tabby tom cat brother to Falconfeather

Apprentice Glasspaw

Blackthorn black and white tom cat.

Apprentice Wingpaw


Funnelpaw light gray she-cat.

Saberpaw bengel tom cat brother to Timberpaw

Timberpaw tabby tom cat with white paws brother to Saberpaw

Dragonpaw calico she-cat.

Tearpaw tabby she-cat black stripes.

Blackpaw all black tom cat.

Brightpaw Ginger and white she-cat.

Hazepaw tan tom cat brother to Hazepaw, Wingpaw

Glasspaw gray tom cat brother to Hazepaw, Wingpaw

Wingpaw white she-cat sister to Glasspaw, Hazepaw

Queens Emberblaze calico she-cat mater Cometstar


Memorykit ginger and white she-cat mother~Emberblaze.

Mountainkit black and white tom cat mother~Emberblaze.

Darkkit all black tom cat mother~Emberblaze


Leader~Earthstar Mable tom cat, green eyes. 7 lives mate to Thundercloud

Apprentice Arcticpaw

Co leader~Dragonstar black and white tom cat. 3 lives

Deputy~Blackwolf all black tom cat.

Co Deputy~Cascadefall Copper colored tom cat.

Apprentice Coldpaw

Medicine cat Copperpelt yellow she-cat.


Destinywing calico she-cat green eyes sister to Goldenfang

Apprentice Frostpaw

Goldenfang gold colored she-cat sister to Destinywing

Kestrelflight tabby tom cat mate to Stonefall

Apprentice Mistpaw

Lightingstrike yellow she-cat.

Apprentice Silverpaw

Lilyflower calico she-cat.

Palemask Black and white tom cat.

Apprentice Splashpaw

Rainfall tabby gray tom cat brother to Rippedwind

Rippedwind light white she-cat siter to Rainfall

Apprentice Hawkpaw

Skysong gray and white she-cat.

Smokedfur dark gray tom cat mate to Stormhowl


Arcticpaw silver tabby she-cat black stripes sister to Coldpaw

Coldpaw gray and white tom cat brother to Arcticpaw

Frostpaw light gray she-cat.

Mistpaw tabby tom cat.

Silverpaw silver tom cat brother to Slashpaw

Splashpaw all white she-cat blue eyes sister to Silverpaw


Stonefall silver she-cat mate to Kestrelflight

Stormhowl dark gray she-cat mate to Smokedfur

Thundercloud orange she-cat mate to Earthstar


Eaglekit black tom cat mother~Stonefall

Eclipsekit Tabby she-cat mother~Stonefall

Forestkit tabby tom cat mother~Stonefall

Coldkit white tom cat mother~Thundercloud

Darekit calico tom cat mother~Stormhowl

Lustkit orange tom cat mother~Thundercloud

Mistkit gray she-cat mother~Stormhowl


Leader~Winterstar all white she-cat. 2 lives

Apprentice Crypaw

Co Leader~ Shadestar all black she-cat. 3 lives

Deputy~ Thunderfront yellow tom cat mate Hollowsoul

Co Deputy~Twilightpelt silver and gray she-cat

Medicine cat Whitepelt all white she-cat.

Apprentice Lightningpaw


Smokeshadow dark gray tom cat green eyes.

Amberfur gray and white she-cat.

Apprentice Mistpaw

Furyrunner Ruby colored tom cat brother to Hellsfury, Revengesfury

Hellsfury Black tom cat brother to Furyfunner, Revengesfury

Apprentice Oakpaw

Heavenswrath tabby she-cat.

Orochifang all white she-cat blue eyes.

Icebrand silver tabby tom cat brother to Warsrage

Warsrage long-haired gray she-cat sister to Icebrand

Revengesfury long-haired brown tabby tom cat mate Hellangle brother to Furyrunner, Hellsfury

Jaggedheart silver tom cat.

Muteilationclaw darker silver tom cat orange eyes.

Apprentice Dieingpaw

Acidrain silver she-cat.


Crypaw ginger and white she-cat.

Lightningpaw orange she-cat.

Mistpaw tabby she-cat.

Oakpaw brown tabby tom cat.

Dyingpaw black tom cat.


Hellangel rabbit colored she-cat mate Revengesfury

Hollowsoul black and white she-cat mate Thunderfront


Foxkit tan tom cat mother~Hellangel

Blackkit black she-cat mother~Hellangel

Shatteredkit silver tom mother~Hollowsoul

Prowlingkit bengel tom mother~Hollowsoul


Leader~ Stormstar dark gray tom cat blue eyes. 6 lives

Apprentice Lightningpaw

Co Leader~ Rainstar light gray tom cat green eyes. 3 lives

Apprentice Thunderpaw

Deputy~Numbsoul gray and white tom cat.

Apprentice Crawlingpaw

Co Deputy~ Howlingskies calico she-cat.

Medicine cat~Streamstorm gray she-cat.


Blacktryrent tabby tom with black stripes.

Lynxsoul tabby she-cat sister to Shadowtiger

Appentice Shadowpaw

Shadowtiger dark tabby tom cat brother to Lynxsoul

Littlesecrets orange, white, and tabby she-cat.

Iceriver gray she-cat with one white spot

Raccontail brown tabby tom cat brother to Bloodrush

Bloodrush Ruby colored tom cat brother to Raccontail

Apprentice Rushpaw.

Frozensoul All white she-cat.

Bloodymist All white she-cat.

Apprentice Revengepaw

Bloodtempest orange tom cat.

Apprentice Wrathpaw

Blackdiamond All black she-cat.

Apprentice Hellpaw

Foxglove cream colored she-cat tan face sister to Saberfang, Memoryswrath

Saberfang brown tom cat brother to Foxglove, Memoryswrath

Memoryswrath black and white tom cat brother to Foxglove, Saberfang

Apprentice Whitepaw


Lightningpaw light yellow she-cat.

Thunderpaw orange she-cat sister to Shadowpaw, Whitepaw

Crawlingpaw cream colored bengal she-cat.

Shadowpaw all black tom cat brother to Thunderpaw, Whitepaw

Rushpaw tan tom cat.

Revengepaw white tom cat.

Wrathpaw gray she-cat.

Hellpaw ruby colored tom cat.

Whitepaw all white she-cat blue eyes sister to Shadowpaw, Thunderpaw


Foxfang red colored she-cat mate Shadowtiger

Silentfang silver she-cat mate Bloodrush

Nachofang Black she-cat mate Stormstar

Moonshine White she-cat mate Rainstar


Deathkit all black tom cat green eyes mother~Nachofang

Rosekit Red colored she-cat Mother~Foxfang

Midnightkit light black kit she-cat mother~Nachofang

Thunderkit Orange tom cat mother~Silentfang

Flamekit dark orange she-cat mother~Silentfang

Blackkit black she-cat mother~Moonshine

Nightkit Gray tom cat mother~Moonshine


Leader~ Thunderstar all black tom cat. 9 lives mate Featherwing, Hollyberry

Apprentice Ravenpaw

Co leader~ Luststar brown tabby tom cat. 3 lives mate Sunshade

Apprentice Coldpaw

Deputy~Springbreeze Tan she-cat.

Apprentice Autummpaw

Co Deputy~Mouseear gray and white tom cat.

Medicine cat~Cheetahspeed orange she-cat black stripes brother to Direleopard, Nightleopard


Rowanfrost ginger tom cat.

Direleopard black tom cat white gray spots brother to Cheetahspeed, Nightleopard

Apprentice Plumpaw

Savageflame calico she-cat.

Apprentice Direpaw

Nightleopard black tom cat brother to Direleopard, Cheetahspeed

Sunbreeze yellow she-cat.

Wintersnow All white she-cat.

Swallowtail Dark brown she-cat.

Hurricanewind Light gray tom cat brother to Twisterstorm

Twisterstorm Dark gray tom cat brother to Hurricanewind

Ashsmoke Middle colored gray tom cat.

Silverstorm silver she-cat.

Apprentice Amberpaw

Flamefoot orange tom cat.

Nightstorm Black she-cat.

Damgedpelt Light brown tom cat.

Firesoul Red colored tom cat brother to Berrybush

Berrybush Cream colored tom cat brother to Firesoul

Fireash Orange and gray she-cat.

Apprentice Summerpaw


Ravenpaw all black she-cat.

Coldpaw white tom cat.

Autummpaw tabby she-cat sister to Summerpaw

Plumpaw gray she-cat.

Direpaw dark black tom cat.

Summerpaw white and tan tom cat brother to Autummpaw


Featherwing Silver tabby she-cat mate Thunderstar

Holleyberry Black and white she-cat mate Thunderstar

Sunshade Yellow she-cat mate Luststar


Sunkit yellow she-cat mother~Sunshade

Wolfkit black tom cat mother~Holleyberry

Caradinalkit Red colored she-cat mother~Featherwing

Voyagerkit brown tom cat mother~Featherwing

Phoenixkit tan and white tom cat mother~Holleyberry

Lionkit orange tom cat mother~Sunshade


Leader~ Bramblestar dark brown tom cat. 9 lives mate Rainfather

Co leader~ Wolfstar gray and white tom cat. 2 lives mate Darkstep

Deputy~ Cryingstorm dark gray tom cat brother to Cinderwhisker

Co Deputy~Cinderwhisker all gray she-cat sister to Cryingstorm

Medicine cat~Whisperingmeadow Tan she-cat.


Leopardspeed orange she-cat.

Apprentice Rainpaw

Wolfspeed Gray tom cat brother to Summerear, Cloudpool

Rainwolf Light gray tom cat.

Summerear Yellow she-cat sister to Wolfspeed, Cloudpool

JuniperFoot Calico she-cat.

Apprentice Twanypaw

Rowanfire ginger tom cat.

Talonstone brown tom cat.

Smokebreeze gray she-cat.

Weaselstump Ginger and white tom cat.

Ivoryspot Calico tom cat.

Cloudpool All white tom cat brother to Wolfspeed, Summerear

Reedcloud Black tom cat brother Flareleaf

Flareleaf Orange she-cat sister to Reedcloud

Arrowflight Cream colored bengal she-cat.

Badgerstripe black and white tom cat.

Apprentice Duskpaw

Blizzardfox All gray tom cat brother to Blossomheart

Apprentice Coalpaw

Blossomheart tabby she-cat sister to Blizzardfox

Burningwrath orange she-cat.

Cloudleaf white tom cat.

Apprentice Bronzepaw

Dragonshine Calico she-cat.

Emerladgaze Orange and white tom cat mate Icefire

Faithsong All white she-cat.

Featherwind Silver she-cat sister to Firestorm

Firestorm Orange tom cat brother to Featherwind


Spottedpaw Orange tom cat.

Rainpaw Gray tom cat brother to Duskpaw

Tawnypaw Calico she-cat.

Duskpaw Brown tom cat brother to Rainpaw

Coalpaw Black tom cat.

Bronzepaw Brown she-cat.


Icefire orange and white she-cat mate Emeraldgaze

Rainfeather gray she-cat cat mate Bramblestar

Darkstep black she-cat mate Wolfstar


Tigerkit tabby tom cat Mother~Darkstep

Razorkit tabby tom cat Mother~Darkstep

Junglekit Light brown tom cat Mother~Rainfeather

Sunkit orange she-cat mother~Rainfeather

Blackkit Black she-cat mother~Darkstep

Ghostkit Gray tom cat mother~Icefire

Darkkit Black tom cat Mother~Icefire


Thunderstar dark orange tom cat old leader of Thunderclan

Riverstar silver tom cat old leader of Riverclan

Shadowstar black she-cat old leader of Shadowclan

Windstar light brown she-cat old leader of Windclan

Skystar white tom with gray spots old leader of Skyclan


Flamestar dark orange she-cat old leader of Flameclan

Corestar dark brown tom cat old leader of Coreclan

Streamstar light blue she-cat old leader of Streamclan

Earthstar black tom cat old leader of Earthclan

Cometstar bengal tom cat old leader of Cometclan

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