This is a series set a long long time after the Omens of the Stars series. It revolves around a young cat called Bluetalon, and a mysterious prophecy.

Set 1 - Premieres April 2010.

1. Bluekit's Journey - Bluekit, Foxkit and Redkit are the only three kits in ThunderClan. But with all four Clans on the brink of battle, they are in great danger when they are kidnapped by WindClan.

2. Strange Arrivals - Bluepaw, Foxpaw and Redpaw are now apprentices of ThunderClan. But Sparrowfeather had an ominous prophecy which he is convinced is about them, and when strangers turn up in ThunderClan's territory, the safety of their Clan is challenged.

3. Responsibilities - Bluetalon, Foxcatch and Redpetal are now warriors of ThunderClan. But Sparrowfeather's mysterious prophecy still hangs over their heads.

4. Clan Boundaries - Bluetalon stands alone as Redpetal is going to have Pinestar's kits, and Foxcatch is in love with a ShadowClan cat.

5. New Kits - Redpetal's ambition is threatening her kits, and Foxcatch's. Will Bluetalon be able to stop her?

6. Banished - Bluetalon is worried about her brother and sister, but if she is also a cat of the prophecy, she needs to live her own life.

Set 2 - Dates Unknown.

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