This is a series created by Zaffie. It is about four cats from each Clan, Lionpaw, Snowpaw, Tigerpaw and Nightpaw.


1. The Four Kits. - Finished. Four apprentices come to terms with their lives in different Clans.

2. The Prophecy. - In Progress. The four apprentices must unravel a mysterious prophecy.

3. Heritage. The four cats must learn who their father really is.

4. Honor The Past. In a stroke of genius, one apprentice will see his past as a chance to become leader.

5. Frost. Due to a misjudgement by an apprentice, a murderous cat will rise again, as Frost spreads over the land and the lake freezes over.

6. The Final Battle. The frenzied hatred of a long dead cat has turned the Clans against each other, and the four cats must stop their Clans going into battle.


Snowpaw - A white she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. She is the smallest of the four cats, and is very slight. ThunderClan.

Lionpaw - A dark brown tom with amber eyes. He is the biggest of the four cats and is very strong. ShadowClan.

Tigerpaw - A golden tom with brown stripes and amber eyes. He is quiet and shy. WindClan.

Nightpaw - A black she-cat with green eyes. She is slim and smart. RiverClan.

If you like these books, please vote in the polls on Zaffie's talk page. I will only continue the two series with the most votes every weekend, because I have school now. Zaffie 08:30, February 25, 2010 (UTC)

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