The Dirty Little Series is a series following the lives and deaths of two generations of code-breaking cats; the first set ended recently.

Set 1

Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret follows the first story of these code-breaking cats; it includes characters from The Bravest, Crystalheart and Smokefoot, but the events are not tied to that series.

Dirty Little Liar

Dirty Little Liar is the sequel to Dirty Little Secret, and follows the second generation of these codebreaking warriors; the son of Crystalheart faces a awful fate and his mate pays the price for it.

Dirty Little Killers

Dirty Little Killers is the sequel to Dirty Little Liars. It follows how Lightningsparks' mate deals with her struggling inner emotions, thoughts, and fears - but is she overwhelmed by them?


The second set is to be made sometime in May 2010. It will follow Sandleaf 5 years later and she will meet a special friend.....why does she get the feeling she's seen her before?

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