Hello and welcome back! This is my second series continuing from Silent Stars! With The Dark Forest defeated Clan life should be much easier. But is it? As revealed in Hidden Shadows there is yet another new prophecy; Four will come, the first born into the new homes, who will destroy Thunder, Shadow, Wind and River. Will it mean more dreadful things to come?

Four Powers

Wildpaw is just a normal WindClan apprentice but somehow bad things always seems to happen to her. Both WindClan and ThunderClan have turned against her and she's finding it very hard just to walk into camp without abuse thrown at her. Sad and lonely, Wildpaw considers tunning away. But soon something happens that changes everything. Something that might just let her walk into a Gathering without any angry glares at her.

New Hope

Lightpaw is jealous. Firepaw, Icepaw and Windpaw are the most popular apprentices in ThunderClan. Nobody seems to care about her. It's always; Firepaw this, Icepaw that Windpaw says... But soon things happen that will turn Lightpaw's life upside down. A lost Clan... Four different powers... And a new prophecy...


Fallenleaf, an ordinary ShadowClan warrior, has to make a decision. But whatever he chooses it will affect ShadowClan for moons to come. On top of this Fallenleaf has discovered an extraordinary power. But is he the only cat given it?

The Sunset Brightflame makes a huge discovery. He finds caves and tunnels by the Gathering boulders. But the thing is - was he the first cat to find them? Paw prints of ancient cats litter the old cave floor. Caves and passages lead off in every direction. Even a pool can be found with plenty of fish inside. Can he persuade his RiverClan to move into this wonderful new home. But if these caves have always been here, why aren't any cats living there? Brightflame soon finds out.

Scarlet Snow Wildberry and the three other cats work together to fulfil the prophecy. Everything is going according to plan. But since everything always goes wrong for her... Wildberry and the other cats are split up... Fire battles snow... There is a mysterious murder... But worst of all there is a flood and The Lost Clan may be destroyed forever. How can she possibly save them now?

Rising Stars come later...

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