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I walked out of my house and hopped up onto my fence. Sniffing the air, I could smell the scents of the forest and the mysterious cats that lived in it. I'd always wanted to meet the cats in the forest, but never imagined that I actually would.

I'm Jilly. I'm blind, and this is my story.


Chapter 1

I sniffed the air. The cats were nearby. One cat in particular. They were running toward my house. Suddenly, something slammed into me, and I fell to the ground.

"Stay down!" A cat hissed in my ear. In the distance, I could hear dogs barking.

I sniffed the tom while I was on the ground.

"You smell like...buttered daisies." I said.

"What-ed daisies?" The cat whispered back.

"Nothing." I said. Obviously, this cat had no idea what butter was.

The sound of the dogs went away. We got up.

"I'm Jilly." I said. The cats, a black and white tom, a small gray she-cat, and a big, burly brown tom (they'd told me what they looked like) all looked at me before the black and white tom responded.

"I'm Duskshadow. This is my sister Mousewhisper and my friend Mudheart." He said. "We're warriors of WaspClan."

Chapter 2

Duskshadow proceded to explain to me what a Clan was. After finally understanding the basic terms the Clan cats used, like "Twoleg", Duskshadow asked me if I'd like to go back to their camp.

Of course, I said yes. He escorted me back to their territory, and we walked into the camp. After meeting some of their cats, Mousewhisper offered me a nest and asked if I'd like to stay the night. Again, I said yes.

The next day, something unexpected happened. I was asked to join the Clan. Immediately, my response was yes. My owners were horrible. I was done living with them.

The next week was tough. I was taught how to hunt, and Duskshadow even helped me learn to fight. But soon, I was a WaspClan warrior.

Chapter 3

The next day, I awoke to hear leaves crunching. Immediately, I picked up a familiar smell.

My owners had entered the camp.

"Jilly!" They called.

All of the warriors in the den tensed. We remained eerily silent.

That was when my owners saw the den.

They immediately started prodding at the bush with sticks. Cats had to try hard not to yowl in pain as the sticks prodded them.

How would we get out of this?

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