A comedy by Bluestar1776.

The Batwing and Jayfeather Show!

Jayfeather and Batwing walk out, and the crowd cheers

Batwing: Hello, everyone! Thank you, you're too kind! Now, on today's show, we're going to have many guests! Say hello to our first guest, Spottedleaf!

Jayfeather: -muttering- Hoo-rah.

Spottedleaf: Thank you, Batwing, it's really a pleasure to be here.

Jayfeather: Of course it is, I invited you.

Batwing: -steps on Jayfeather's tail- Now, Spottedleaf, for our first question. Are you, or are you not, in love with Firestar?

Spottedleaf: -rolls eyes- Even someone who's blind could see that!

Jayfeather: -snarls and leaps on Spottedleaf-

Spottedleaf: Ahh!! -runs out of the studio, Jayfeather attached-

Batwing: -stares after them- While, er, they settle that, let's bring out our next guest, Hollyleaf!

Hollyleaf: -pads out with shifty-eyes- Hello, Batwing.

Batwing: Er, Hollyleaf, why do you look like you've just committed a murder?

Hollyleaf: Because I have. The police are after me.

Batwing: -stares at Hollyleaf- Then you probally shouldn't be in the studio.

Hollyleaf: -snarls- You can't tell me what to do! That's part of the Warrior Code!

Batwing: No, it's not.

Hollyleaf: Oh. Er... what now?

Police: -run in- Hollyleaf, you are under arrest for murder and having OCD over the Warrior Code!

Hollyleaf: -runs out of the studio, police following-

Batwing: ...All righty then. Time for our next guest, who hopefully won't be chased out of the studio, Lionblaze!

Lionblaze: -pads in-

Batwing: Hello, Lionblaze! It's lovely to hav-


Batwing: -stares-

Lionblaze: What are you looking at?

Batwing: Nothing, nothing. Now, Lionblaze, is it true you cannot be beaten in battle?

Lionblaze: Heck yeah it's true!

Batwing: All right, let's get on with your next guest, some random cat we picked up of the street, because we really thought Spottedleaf would still be on!

Hobo Cat: Sup.

Batwing: Hello there. What's your nam-

Hobo Cat: Do you have any potato salad?

Batwing: -stares- Er, well, I don't. You see, you're not allowed to have food on the set, and-

Hobo Cat: NOO!! -runs out of studio-

Batwing: -blinks- Crap, we lost another guest.

Jayfeather: -pads back in-

Batwing: Jayfeather! Where's Spottedleaf?!

Jayfeather: -shifty eyes- I took care of her.

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