The Taken Over is series of fanfic made by Hiddensun - Picture above made by Shistar.

GENRE: Action, Thriller, Horror, Mystery

It's normal when some cats act weird, it's all part of changing and growing up.

But what happens when cats change completely their personalitites to the point they could even kill their best freind? When innocent kits become the beginning of fights? When the most innocent become the most dangerous of them all?....

It's spreading...Cats are changing....


Set 1 - Change

  • Fading Peace - The tribe is living peacefully, until strange incidents start to happen...cats are acting weird...something is coming...something bad...
  • Little Murderers - Following the there have been a number of mysterious attacks...unknown attacks....attacks that change many...and now - you never know...
  • Spirit Thieves - Now there are a few suspicions...are they true...or are they wrong?...Will they let themselves be discovered and live in jeopardy?...I don't think so...
  • Living Nightmare - You never know whos' on your side? With the mystery comes some answers...but what do you do with them?...when your life depends on it....?

Set 2 - Danger

Set 3

Set 4


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