Sequel to Truth & Lies

Chapter One New Griffins

Saphire looked at the horizon and gasped, her friends Gem and Gold were playing in the skies. "Bronze, Silver!" she called and they came running to her side. "What?" Silver asked and Saphire pointed to the two griffins in the air. Bronze gasped, "These griffins are amazing." he breathed and Saphire nodded. "They are my friends, Gem and Gold." Silver glanced at Saphire then turned into a griffin. Saphire and Bronze followed suit and flew towards the griffins. "Gem, Gold!" Saphire called and they looked at her, "Saphire!" A light brown griffin flew towards Saphire then to the ground and changed into a pale brown she-cat. "Hello," they said to Bronze and Silver, "I'm am Gem, this is Gold." Bronze nodded and looked at them. "What are your powers?"

"We control the earth."

Chapter Two StarClan

Bronze looked at the sky then turned into a golden griffin and took off into the sky. Silver and Saphire right behind him. He looked at the two cats on the ground and smiled. Gem the Gold were looked at them with longing, they couldn't turn it griffins, they were limited to when they could turn into griffins. Bronze sighed and flew down towards them when Gem shouted, "I see StarClan!"

Chapter Three Parting

Bronze looked at them then saw a faint light behind them. A StarClan cat then padded up to him with brown ginger fur, Bronze gasped, "Earthpaw!"

"Are parting was not meant to be." Earthpaw meowed and Bronze looked at his apprentice. "I'm sorry."

"Falconwing, this will help you gain friendships, do not destroy them like you did ours." Bronze nodded, "I won't, I promise."

"Then this is our last parting." Earthpaw meowed and a brown and ginger apprentice appeared. "Earthpaw." Bronze whispered, "Earthpaw, thank you."

The next book is Healing and Killing! -SnowyLeaf Happy Christmas! Purr Everyday! 00:16, December 14, 2009 (UTC)

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