This is an ever continuing story of cats who were supposed to go to StarClan, but got rejected by the cats within StarClan.


Ashfur was supposed to go to StarClan, but when he saw Bluestar, Bluestar said to have every cat in StarClan vote. the vote was to bury his tail in limburger cheese. So they did.


Mudclaw was a very hard desicion for StarClan. He was a fine cats in earlier years, but then became jealous of Onestar for becoming leader and tried to kill him. StarClan said the desicion went to the original leaders. They all said he should swim in an ocean chasing blue squirels, searching for a human tear.


Boulder had a very hard time in the forest, so StarClan decided to vote on him. In the end, they decided on ________.


Nightstar was a fine cat. His only flaw was he lied about getting lives from StarClan, when he never got them. They thought very very very very very very hard and decided to make him do a karaoke song of Crank That by Soulja Boy. He stuck at it, so they sent him away with Ashfur and Mudclaw.


Swiftpaw never did a thing wrong. He was a loyal ThunderClan apprentice, and he would do anything to save his clan. He just madse StarClan mad when he left with Brightpaw to do something (I don't remember what) that they weren't supposed to. They thought and thought and even fought about it, and they ended up with _________.

You tell the end on the talk page, then i'll decide what to do to Boulder/Nightstar/Swiftpaw.

Don't worry, i've always got more! Just try to get me more ideas.